R+D+i: Technology for change

The continuous development of new products, services and processes is part of our DNA at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, because quality customer service begins by offering innovative products that respond to the customer needs.

This clear commitment to R & D is materialized with more than 20% of our staff dedicated to research projects and 12% of the annual turnover re-invested over the last 10 years.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas RESEARCH CENTER

Human resources

The diversity of technical profiles makes our R&D department a perfectly articulated multidisciplinary team, capable of facing any technological or research project in our field.

The team includes specialists (doctors, engineers, architects, physicists, chemists…) from different technical areas: Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Design, Physics, Chemistry and Architecture.


Current and High Voltage Laboratory

  • High Current Laboratory:
    • Generator 350kA 10/350µs
    • Generator 250kA 8/20µs
  • High Voltage Laboratory: Up to 1.2MV
  • Climatic and aging laboratory:
    • Salt Mist Treatment
    • Sulphurous wet corrosion
    • Thermal Shock
laboratorio alta tensionRecurso 9

Electronics and Communications Laboratory

  • Design, manufacture and testing of electronic systems with high integration density
  • Design and validation of communication devices and infrastructures
  • Machine Learning and Big Data
laboratorio electronica

Modelling and analysis

  • Obtaining numerical and physical models
  • Multidimensional characterization
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Multi-platform software application development
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Field Tests

  • Fields of research into atmospheric electrical discharges in active use:
    • Salón.
      • Storm days per year: 110
    • Penyagolosa.
      • Storm days per year: 60
    • Miranda do Corvo.
      • Storm days per year: 60
Technology partnership

We are conscious of the need to involve all key parties that participate in the innovation process, collaborating with:

  • Universities: developing joint research, carrying out various initiatives and granting scolarships
  • Public administration: participating in financed projects by the science and technology ministry
  • Technological institutions
  • Clients: developing innovative projects

Members of:

logotipo afbel

Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association

logotipo ilpa

International Lightning Protection Association

logotipo ava esen

Valencian association of companies in the energy sector