Lightning protection projects and technical service

We offer you a team of specialists providing professional solutions for risk analysis, design, installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems:

Project studies

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers full technical advice during the design of its lightning protection projects. For this, we have a technical-commercial team to evaluate the most appropriate solution for each client.

  • Analysis of lightning impact risk.
  • Regulatory compliance (CTE SU8, UNE 21186, EN 62305, REBT, EN 61643, etc.)
  • Reports, plans and budgets.

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    Installation, revision and maintenance

    Advice and coordination of teams of installers and specialists in vertical works in Spain and Portugal, and throughout the rest of the world via our distributor network. We carry out regular regulatory inspections of lightning protection installations (lightning rods, down conductors, ground connections, etc.) according to UNE 21186 standard for their adequacy and proper maintenance.

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      Grounding calculation method

      The design and calculation of earthing systems requires compliance with various regulations, both national and international standards, as well as regulations from electrical companies and other organizations.
      Our software for earthing design and calculation allows you to configure simple earthing systems of conductors and aligned earth rods, rings or regular meshes, to full systems and complex mesh networks.
      The software implements a powerful parameterized database of electrodes, conductors, special earth plates and electrodes, and on the other hand different calculation methodologies depending on the type of system or the scope for which it is being designed. This is:

      • BT installations according to REBT and its ITC.
      • Transformation centers according to UNESA recommendations and company technical standards.
      • Electrical substations according to IEEE.

      The tool allows not only to perform the calculation and obtain a bill of materials, but, in its more advanced modules, provides 3D representations of the step and contact voltages for the site under analysis.

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