Lightning rods

Lightning rods

Lightning protection for Health Care Facilities by Aplicaciones tecnológicas

Hospitals, retirement homes, research centers, laboratories, etc., are key infrastructures that must be protected against the risks caused by electrical storms. Buildings in which there is a high concentration of people, high-cost equipment and even patients connected to electrical systems that cannot suffer cuts or alterations in the electricity supply, require a comprehensive lightning protection system with the maximum guarantees of safety and quality.

What is a lightning strike counter?

Lightning strike counters are very useful tools in lightning protection installations, since they provide first-hand information on whether the installation has suffered a lightning strike and therefore if there is a need for any subsequent verification or extra maintenance beyond the periodical inspections, according the provisions of the standards ((UNE-EN IEC 62305, UNE 21186, NF C 17 102, NP4426, etc.).

Protection and conservation of historic heritage from lightning strikes

Lightning protection for buildings is crucial to avoid personal, material and economic damage. If they are also historic buildings, lightning can cause incalculable artistic and heritage losses. For this reason, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas designs and offers a wide range of products with the aim of minimising the damage that thunderstorms can cause.