Smart ESE Lightning Rods

Smart ESE Lightning Rods

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER - Smart lightning counter with real-time strike recording to improve safety of LPS

A lightning strike counter is a tool used in Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) to collect information about the discharges suffered by an installation and their characteristics, with the aim of improving the safety of the LPS and knowing if urgent repairs need to be carried out. Through the introduction of IoT technology, the SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER allows receiving alerts, knowing this information in real time and in several locations through a multi-platform application.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas SA and the private accredited professional training entity ISQ Academy have signed a protocol for training and certification in Lightning Protection Systems, mandatory since 2022. In this way, the qualification of Portuguese professionals is adapted to new legal requirements in the Fire Safety in Buildings (FSB) field. The first edition will start on 9 November 2022.


Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution in which we are immersed, involves incorporating smart technologies both in industrial products and services and production processes to achieve a new level of efficiency and responsiveness to customers that were not possible before. These are some of them and how they are applied in the products and services of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A.