Storm Detection

Storm Detection

What is a dry thunderstorm and what are its risks? storm detection atstorm

By definition, “a dry thunderstorm is a storm that has no or very little precipitation associated with it, but does carry electrical activity”. The absence of precipitation can create a false sense of security that poses a serious risk to the safety of people and structures. In this scenario, a system with sensors capable of detecting all phases of the storm and issuing warnings before the first impact can make a difference.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has joined the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) to participate in the maintenance of the standard UNE-EN IEC 61400-24:2011 – Wind turbines. Part 24: Protection against lightning strikes.

Wind energy: smart technology for grounding and lightning protection systems

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed the precise solutions for the efficient management of grounding and lightning protection systems in wind farms, maximising occupational safety and cost savings. We are at WindEurope Bilbao 2022 presenting the advanced equipment SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM, WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER and ATSTORM®.