Storm Detection

Storm Detection

ATSTORM early storm detection system

Companies with assets, material or personnel, at the mercy of electrical storms have, or should have, a protocol of action and preventive plan in case of electrical storms risk. Sometimes this protocol does not exist, or if it is available, it could be improved, since, on many occasions, the decision to continue or stop the works is made in a subjective way, which is why certain decisions may not be correct.

Lightning bolts are powerful atmospheric electrical discharges that pose a great danger depending on where they strike. Without proper protection and prevention, these discharges are a risk to people, animals, buildings, and electrical / electronic equipment.

In order to prevent the effects of this natural phenomenon, the UNE-EN IEC 62793 standard establishes an application guide to determine the need or not for a thunderstorm detection system, as well as the types of detectors that exist for it.

There are two relevant data facts to keep in mind when evaluating the danger of lightning in golf courses. Firstly, the annual average of death casualties in golf courses is 13 people worldwide, being the majority due to electrical discharges caused by storms. Secondly, 5% of the total deaths caused by lightning strikes in the US occur in golf courses.