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Earthing, also known as grounding, is a fundamental and essential part of an electrical system. Despite not being a visible element, the earthing system is of vital importance for the safety of people and equipment, as it protects against dangerous potential differences.

ATSHOCK-P30 is a single-phase, type 1 protector, made up of  gas dischargers, with pluggable module and double connector

It is estimated that 2,000 storms coexist simultaneously on the planet and about 100 lightning bolts discharge on the earth every second. In total, this represents some 4,000 daily storms and 9 million atmospheric discharges every day. Therefore, 1.2 billion lightning strikes occur per year on our planet.

Lightning protection standards establish certain periods for the verification and maintenance of the installed systems, which may vary depending on the normative. However, one point is the same in all of them: a complete verification is necessary every time the installation has been stroke by lightning. Mechanical or electrical lightning event counters record these strikes with one account every time a lightning current passes trough them.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the next free online webinars for professionals in February and March 2020.

Registration will be free and there is limited space, do not miss the opportunity to learn about the latest news in the sector.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we are experts in the execution of lightning protection studies and projects for structures and buildings. Let’s consider what would happen if these installations did not count on lightning rods?

This new format has been very well received for being easy to use and having risk prevention features.

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we have two new videos of our Apliweld® Secure+ exothermic welding, both of them explain the usage of the specific and multiple graphite moulds. Before starting the videos, its convenient to know the concepts related with this type of welding.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. takes part in a conference for installers.


Our Quality Department is already working on the adaptation to the legislation changes scheduled for next year

The company employs new workers, increases the staff and moves to larger premises.

The acquisition of new Pick&Place machinery allows for an increased production and improved electronic circuit boards.

Portal for Specifiers

Aplicaciones Tecnologicas S.A launches a new portal web to answer all the professionals needs for design a lightning protection system

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. presents our general product catalogue in an interactive format that facilitates the search of solutions for lightning protection. 

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is involved in the new lines of work for the maintenance of IEC 62305 and IEC 62561 standards.

Lightning bolts are powerful atmospheric electrical discharges that pose a great danger depending on where they strike. Without proper protection and prevention, these discharges are a risk to people, animals, buildings, and electrical / electronic equipment.

In order to prevent the effects of this natural phenomenon, the UNE-EN IEC 62793 standard establishes an application guide to determine the need or not for a thunderstorm detection system, as well as the types of detectors that exist for it.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, leader in lightning protection systems, is organizing free online courses aimed at professionals in the sector. During April and May we will be holding webinars on two products: ATSTORM®, a thunderstorm detection system for labour risk prevention, and Apliweld® Secure+, an exothermic welding system in tablet format with remote electronic ignition.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed a new concept of exothermic welding: the APLIWELD® SECURE + system, based on the use of compact tablets and remote electronic ignition. In addition, we have also developed an APLIWELD exothermic welding selector in order to facilitate the specification and preparation of materials for exothermic joints.


In terms of protection against lightning and prevention measures, the 30/30 rule as it is commonly known, is a household measure to protect against lightning strikes. In fact, you wouldn’t have any problem finding information related to the matter with very little research.

Before we start explaining why the 30/30 rule has risks involved and why it is not actually reliable, we would like to clarify first some concepts about what this rule is about and in which ideas this popular belief is based.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has attended the XIII International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) 2015, held in Balneário Camboriú (Brazil) between the 28th September and the 2nd October.

It is estimated that around 24.000 people die every year due to lightning strikes (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA). This is why every person who lives in a high isokeraunic area should be aware of the danger of this atmospheric phenomenon.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas organizes free online webinars aimed at professionals. 

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has obtained the seal of INNOVATIVE SME granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in Spain and that will be valid until the end of 2020.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is pleased to announce the launch of its new video titled: "Exothermic welding: other brands vs APLIWELD® Secure+", available in our YouTube channel.

The new logistics centre of Amazon is located in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona and will open on October 4th. During its construction, 25 electrical panels have been installed with our surge protective devices.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. presents a new general catalogue for Lightning Protection, available in 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese).

The storm detection in airports is the key to prevent accidents of the workers and guarantee their security in the track. The labour accidents produced by lightning in airports can be prevented by the early warning system ATSTORM® developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

The electricity company ENDESA publishes a handbook where power supply lines are required to be protected against overvoltages due to lightning

A cyclist died and several hikers were injured, together with many other incidents caused by lightning during summertime


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has installed ATSTORM®v2 storm detectors within a modern tracking system that allows real-time information on hydrological and meteorological variables.

ATCONTROL/R PT T can reset any contactor to which it is connected, even those employed in installations with a high consumption

Dear Customer.

From Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we inform you that, due to the crisis produced by Covid-19, we have been implementing preventive and organizational measures during previous weeks and preparing our company to be able to continue offering our products and services to our customers.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas´ DAT CONTROLER ESE air terminal protects the Spanish bridge “Puente del Estacio” from a direct lightning strike.

Drawbridges allow the passage of high boats at specific times. In their movement they are transformed into vertical walls and they can reach a great height, making them clearly preferential points of impact for lightning strikes.

ATSTORMv2 is able to detect the thunderstorms even during their formation and can thus avoid, from the first works of this great power station, accidents caused by lightning.

The introduction of the tablet format in the Apliweld Secure+ system developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas implies innovation which has brought significant advantages for the implementation of exothermic welding in any earthing system.

The user can set the time while the alert is on and off for each storm risk level

The air terminal protects a recovery plant of ethyl acetate, a flammable and volatile material that can become explosive.

The 7th Edition of the congress united over 400 attendees with the aim of learning and hearing about sector innovations.

Last 3rd of May, between 14h and 16h, meteorology changed abruptly over the Headquarters of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A., shifting from a stable weather with clear sky into a heavy thunderstorm.

A lightning strike is a natural event which significantly affects all outdoor activities and can pose a risk if the right preventive measures are not considered.

The data obtained by different institutions corroborates the high frequency of lightning strikes in sports events. According to the information gathered between 2006 and 2013 by The United States meteorological service (NOOA), 14% of deaths caused by lightning strikes happened during outdoor sports and leisure activities.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas products meet the most important lightning protection standards.

Several standards establish the requirements for lightning and surge protection systems. Below, we summarize the most relevant:

A surge is an increase in the voltage of the electrical network and It can cause damage to the installation and electronic equipment in your home. In the United States, electric shock claims to insurance companies were estimated to be $909 million. This amount claimed comes from 78,000 users only.

Follow step by step the installation of a lightning protection system with Dat Controler® Plus

From the 26th to the 30th of October, several meetings were hold in Athens (Greece) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) groups that are in charge of re-viewing the 4 parts of the lightning protection standard IEC 62305 (General principles, Risk management, Physical damage to structures and life hazard, Electrical and electronic systems within structures).

ADELCA, one of the largest steelmakers in Latin America based in Ecuador, has all its facilities protected by ten Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rods from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

During 2010, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. technicians have given courses in Professional Associations of Architects, Engineers, Installers and other Technicians in Spain

The facilities of the Spanish Broadcasting Company Antena 3 TV are now protected against lightning with DAT CONTROLER® PLUS Early Streamer Emission air terminals form Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. 

Spanish and French ESE air terminals standards are already in force. Similar updating processes are in course in other European countries. 

Complete kit which includes three-phase protector combined overvoltages and undervoltages, shunt release and main circuit breaker.

Resiquímica, a chemical waste Factory located in Sintra, Portugal, has renewed all its lightning protection system and has chosen the protection offered by DAT Controler® PLUS + AT-Remote Tester air terminal.

In the last decades, the technological innovation in the lightning protection matter has revolutionized the sector. Nowadays, we offer lightning protection systems really sophisticated, designed to increase the protection zone.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing lightning protection components.  In our desire to improve ourselves and to promote industrial growth, we design and develop devices of greater capabilities to attain lower residual voltages. To achieve this, we rely on the most innovative lab equipment and strict quality control guidelines.  

ATSTORM®v2 storm detectors are particularly suitable to complement lightning protection systems and surge protection in high-risk places

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the upcoming free online webinars for professionals in March and April 2020.

Registration will be free and there is limited space. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the latest news in the sector from the hand of specialized technicians.

Forests may burn even days after the thunderstorm due to "root fires" caused by lightning

The design of the air terminal's location considered the use of existing structures and minimizing shadows

ATLOGGER records the peak current, amplitude and polarity of the lightning strike, and even the date and time when the event occurred

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the following upcoming free online webinars for professionals for the months of June and July 2020.

Registration will be free and there will be limited places, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest directly from our specialized professionals.

The Standard NP 4426 is equivalent to the French Standard NF C 17-102 and the Spanish UNE 21186

The wind energy sector and inclement weather are an extremely dangerous combination. When an electrical storm approaches or forms near a wind farm, the main priority of the occupational safety technicians will undoubtedly be to guarantee the protection of their workers.

What is a lightning strike counter?

Lightning strike counters are very useful tools in lightning protection installations, since they provide first-hand information on whether the installation has suffered a lightning strike and therefore if there is a need for any subsequent verification or extra maintenance beyond the periodical inspections, according the provisions of the standards ((UNE-EN IEC 62305, UNE 21186, NF C 17 102, NP4426, etc.).

The protector detects automatically the line voltage and self-programs the overvoltage thresholds

A practical guide for noticing all possible paths where lightning may damage irrigation control equipment.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is reponsible for the earthing project and connection systems through APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding.

The free online courses offered by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas are aimed at professionals in the sector and will take place during September and October. Registration is free and there is limited space. Do not miss the chance to comfortably learn about the latest innovations in the sector with great impact on the prevention of occupational risks wherever you are.

A surge is an increase in the voltage in the electrical network that can cause damages to the installation and electronic equipment in your home. Your home, given the continuous digital transformation, contains even more electrical and electronic equipment, with more complex and important functions.

The new extension of the Hospital of León is now protected with DAT CONTROLER® PLUS ESE air terminals by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

Lightning is a phenomenon that, despite being very common, is little known outside the specialized forums and creates uncertainty. It is important for people’s safety and to safeguard the equipment, that some key points are taken into account on what not to do in case of a storm:

This week the Technical Congress of the National Committee of CIGRE 2018 is talking week in Madrid. For two days, 27th and 28th of November 2018, companies and public and private organizations present their experiences with the objective of improving the high voltage power distribution.

exothermic welding

APLIWELD® Selector is a tool, aimed at all professionals who need to perform exothermic welding, designed to facilitate the specification and preparation of the material in any project with aluminothermic welding. Thanks to the APLIWELD® Selector software, the user obtains product references and quantities of each material for all the connections required in a project, quickly and efficiently.

Permanent overvoltages

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers a wide range of products to protect installations and equipment against permanent overvoltages. This type of surge, unlike transient overvoltages, can last for an indeterminate period of time, causing significant damage to the equipment connected to the network, such as its deterioration or even destruction.

This month we received the visit of our distributor in Romania, which gave us the chance of exchanging knowledge referring standards and lightning protection projects.

Our new ATFREQ 12 BNC surge protectors are especially designed for equipment transmitting large amount of data

Several key factors should be considered when exothermic (also called aluminothermic) welding is employed, in order to make the best use of the resources invested in the purchase of material  and to improve the work in site.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we have launched a new combined surge protector, the IGA TEST SUB M.

Even if a lightning protection system is perfectly installed, still there is a danger for people staying in the surrounding area when lightning strikes it: step and touch voltages. 

How to avoid damage to people, buildings and equipment with an appropriate lightning protection system


Our Early Streamer Emission air terminal and our surge portectors protect telecommunications towers in Guatemala

Exothermic welding and mechanical unions can have a similar application at a glance; however, their results and benefits differ greatly.

Exothermic welding is a chemical process which enables the molecular bonding of metals in a long-lasting way. It is applied to metal joints and its use is very widespread in sector such as rail and the electrical sector, in the grounding connections.

Transient overvoltages

The overvoltages known as transients, are very short duration increases in voltage, measured between two conductors, or between conductor and ground. These can be due to atmospheric electric discharges (lightning strikes) or to switching or fault processes (contact to earth or short circuit).

In 2019, a total of 2,353,476,704 atmospheric electric discharges were registered in the world. This number includes lightning strikes between clouds and, above all, lightning strikes produced from cloud to ground.

On August 13, 2019, the northernmost lightning known to date was detected, 52 kilometres away from the geographic north pole (89.53°N).

BIM modeling of our products will facilitate the installation design for external lightning protection for professionals from the start of every constructive project.

From 5th to 8th May, the working groups reviewing IEC62305 lightning protection standards met in Milano (Italy)

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. publishes a schematic guide indicating the proper protectors for each area

The counter, with reference AT-3502, indicates the overvoltages that have occurred in an installation.

The new AT-3503 Power Supply Tester of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is responsible for monitoring and detecting dangerous voltages, network frequency variations as well as increases in the resistance of the earth loop of an installation. The line tester detects any network anomaly by acting through its dry contact relays.

The death of several people by lightning on a beach in Argentina arouses interest on the protection of open spaces

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, since it was founded, has maintained as a fundamental value the development of quality products for protection against lightning, that are responsible with the environment. For this reason, it has once again renewed its certificate of Environmental Management System, based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers online formative courses for professionals in different sectors. If you are interested in participating in one of these online courses, you only need to choose the webinar organised for you country and check the timing. The registration is free and there are limited places until full capacity of registered users.

The Centre has suffered repeated fires due to lightning. Preventive protection of risks due to thunderstorms is covered in the standard EN50536

The copper coating must be maintained after driving the rod into the ground, protecting the electrode against corrosion

Lightning protection systems shall work correctly for many years.  Therefore it is essential to assure the immutability of their components under different environments and extreme conditions.

The standard for preventive thunderstorm detection, EN 50536, has recently been published, in order to prevent threats to humans and property involved in this destructive atmospheric phenomenon.

DAT CONTROLER® PLUS 60 ESE lightning rods provide a maximum protection for the Paraguayan Olympic Park, the new sports complex that hosts the Olympic Training Centre (CEO) of Paraguay, offices of sports federations and sport halls, among other spaces. 

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A commemorates during this year the 25th Anniversary as specialised Lightning Protection System manufacturer.

On 24th and 25th of November, Valencia will host international experts who will present and discuss the latest scientific results and share experiences about lightning protection systems.

We collaborate with IDESIE in its program of design and management of installations in a building.

The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, an agency belonging to the Ministry of Employment in Spain, has recently published a Technical Note of Prevention NTP 1.084, that describes, among other important aspects, the effects and consequences of a direct lightning impact on workers in open areas.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ professional app integrates in one single tool the main LPS standards. 

Numerous studies ensure that harmful weather events such as lightning, hail and severe wind gusts will increase over the upcoming decades. One of the most recent is the study of the expected increase in storms in Europe, based on the detection of lightning and the observation of damages:

It is estimated that approximately six million people work in the Oil & Gas sector. In many cases, these jobs are characterized for being located in isolated areas far away from cities since the activities involve operating with hazardous materials: gases and flammable liquids stored in large quantities.

Standards assert that the good condition of a lightning protection system should be ensured over time. Therefore the standard UNE 21.186:2011 establishes, depending on the protection level of the installation, different periodicities for visual and complete inspection.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has supplied and installed the lightning protection and earthing system for the ENAGAS new tank in Cartagena, within the company expansion plan.

Innovative welding compound format that allows any type of connection.

Take advantage of the 50% discount for the Online Training for Lightning Protection Projects!

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the Advanced Course on Lightning Protection with a 50% discount. This training provides the foundations, method and practical cases so that architects, engineers, electrical contractors, technical personnel of companies or professionals related to this sector, can design professional lightning protection systems based on the main international regulations.

In order to facilitate the coordination of the different business activities and in accordance to the current legislation for Prevention of Occupational Hazards, the related documents of AplicacionesTecnológicas are available and permanently updated on the Obralia website.

Maracaibo’s Lake (Venezuela) is nowadays, according to the latest study by NASA, the place where most lightning falls per square kilometer. According to data reached by Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), was concluded that in this area there can be formed around 279 thunderstorms a year.

The 81 International Electrotechnical Commission group, which is in charge of discussing the standards related with lightning protection, held a meeting last 13th November in Chengdu (China). 


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, specialized in lightning protection systems, organizes free online webinars aimed at professionals. Registration is free and there is limited space, so sign up as soon as possible and learn everything about ATSTORM®, the thunderstorm detection system for labour risk prevention, and Apliweld® Secure+, an exothermic welding system in tablet format with remote electronic ignition.


On a deck of huge dimensions, open and public, 200 meters high and in an area with a high lightning density, detecting storms with the maximum reliability is essential

Protects equipment against disturbances in Two-Phase power lines and is provided with a dry-contact output for connecting contactors or alarms

The castle is a major tourist and culture attraction source for Peñíscola (Castellón – Valencian Community). It is located in the upper part of the city, on a hill by the sea. One of its towers was the chosen place for the installation of the DAT CONTROLER® PLUS ESE air terminal. Our ESE air terminals fulfil all the regulatory requirements, they have the N mark of AENOR and they are designed to work in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, with an insulation over 95%. 

The German company protects its new shopping centre, more than 17.000m² large, with Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. products

Telecommunication towers such as mobile phone, television or radio repeaters are high rise structures, often located in isolated places and equipped with sensitive elements susceptible to atmospheric electrical discharges. Their maintenance and repair usually requires technician call outs to remote locations, which creates an important cost and loss through downtime.

A low resistance is an essential requirement for any earthing and even more for lightning protection systems

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. have all the appropriate protectors for lines where lightning can damage electrical and electronic equipment inside a house

Well executed joints  with clamps and fasteners accomplish with the requirements of a good connection. That is, they are able to withstand and drive efficiently lightning discharges to the ground.

Last 15th and 16th of February, the Certification institute IVAC audited Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. for the renewal of the Environmental Management Certificate.

OUB Centre, the highest building in Singapore, is provided with an ATSTORM®v2 thunderstorm detector from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A), installed at its terrace roof.

In 3 simple steps you will know if you need to install a storm detector according to EN 50536

The standard establishes quality, safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements for power frequency overvoltage protectors

Lightning rods are an essential part of the external lightning protection system, which main objective is to intercept the lightning bolt and drive it safely to the ground. The external system of protection against lightning is also part of the permanent measures of prevention and protection against lightning, according to the NTP 1084 for prevention of occupational hazards caused by lightning strikes.

An Early Streamer Emmision air terminal, also known as ESE or as an ionizing lightning rod, is an external lightning protection system with innovative technology. This ESE air terminal is also known as active lightning rod.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, besides offering integral protection against lightning and surges, we are experts in exothermic welding (also called aluminothermic). Therefore, many companies have requested specific training in this type of welding by our specialized staff.

The new surge protector ATSHOCK T 25 from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, with the reference AT-8089, has achieved the qualification as a Type 1 transient overvoltage protection device approved by IBERDROLA, one of the biggest energy companies in Spain, in accordance with the Standard NI 42.71.01. Annex A: Overvoltage protection device.

Basic configuration to protect your antenna and telephone installation with the most effective overvoltage protection devices.

Now available the full catalogue of the new exothermic welding, containing copious information about the descriptions and references of the required components

Our Quality Management System has been certificated according to ISO 9001 for 17 years now. This certification has recently been renewed after being audited, as every year, by AENOR.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, leader in lightning protection systems, is organizing free online courses aimed at professionals. During the coming months of October and November 2019, free online courses will be held about two of its solutions: ATSTORM®, a thunderstorm detection system for labour risk prevention, and Apliweld® Secure+, an exothermic welding system in tablet format with remote electronic ignition.

Almost 20.000 flashes were registered by the detection system of the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET) within a 100km radius around Valencia from the 13th to the 19th of September last year.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas ESE air terminals protect the CascaiShopping mall, located in the Portuguese town of Cascais.

The extreme weather conditions and the structures and buildings in such a city as Dubai makes lighting protection a technical challenge which needs expert solutions and high-performance materials. The Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rod Dat Controller Plus has been chosen to protect three symbolic projects in United Arab Emirates.

In a lightning protection system with rods and meshed conductors, those conductors are placed grid-like on the roof for achieving that lightning current is evenly distributed.

The new IGA TEST T D protectors with D curve, ready for nominal currents between 63 and 125A, are aimed for buildings with an elevated power consumption

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the following upcoming free online webinars for professionals for the months of May and June 2020.

Registration will be free and there will be limited places, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest directly from our specialized professionals.


We have improved our presence on the Internet with more dynamic contents to efficiently reach the international markets.

Compact and easy to install, ATSUB-D M 1DIN protects the most sensitive domestic appliances

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. is a company committed to the Environment. We use our experience of over 30 years to manufacture high quality products that are, at the same time, environmentally responsible.

Nowadays most of the small companies and shops have a network of computers connected to Internet. This type of connections and the interconnected computers are very sensitive to surges caused by a thunderstorm. Besides, they transmit and store data of vital importance for any business.

The three blocks of flats have been protected with Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ air terminals to comply with safety regulations relating to lightning strikes

The software for reading the ATLOGGER data is very easy to install and returns the recorded data in friendly formats

Thunderstorms are a major threat to agricultural and livestock farms, the most susceptible being the so-called extensive livestock farms, those with large areas of land for natural animal care.

Lightning causes significant damages and losses all around the world, especially in those areas with higher frequency of thunderstorms and during the summer months. It is estimated that there are about 2,000 active storms every day and that approximately 40 lightning strikes per second on Earth, which means about 1200 million strikes per year. Some researches suggests that there could be an increase in thunderstorms due to climate change and pollution.

End of the 18th Century. Discovery of the electrical nature of lightning and the possibility of avoiding its damages by giving the lightning current a path to ground. This led to the installation of air terminals, down-conductors and earthing on the highest and most important existing buildings, thus avoiding many of the personal and economical damages caused by fires and breaks due to lightning.

Zaragoza Province Goverment building is protected against lightning with DAT CONTROLER PLUS Early Streamer Emission air terminals form Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

The lightning rod with the latest technology from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, DAT CONTROLER® PLUS 60, now protects the UNIVALLE University building at Avenida América in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Last June 14th, the 3rd edition of an important event that involves installers and distributors of electrical equipment, the ‘Installer's Party’ took place. The event is organized by CSI Suministros since 2015 and Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has sponsored it once again.

A new international regulation, IEC 63052:2019, was published Last August 2019. It regulates the quality, safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements for protectors against permanent or temporary overvoltages, also known by their acronym POP (Power Overvoltage Protectors).

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has protected, with a total of 19 DAT Controler® Plus Air Terminals, the world's longest bridge over water, connecting Hong Kong with Macao and the city of Zhuhai, in southern China.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers free online webinars for professionals in the sector. If you want to participate in these training sessions, choose the course organized in your country and check the schedule. Registration is free and availability is limited so we recommend you to register as soon as possible.


Lightning event counters are very useful tools in lightning protection installations, since they allow to find out easily if the installation has suffer a lightning strike and therefore if there is a need for a verification or extra maintenance beyond the periodical inspections according the provisions of the standard UNE 21186:2011.

Our enhancement material improves grounding effectiveness around any kind of earthing rod

Exothermic welding, also known as aluminothermic welding, is a chemical process which creates a permanent molecular bonding of two or more conductors. As a result of this fusion, the connection is more reliable and durable than the mechanical union, and its conductivity is equal to or greater than the metals it connects.

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we offer lightning protection systems as well as local early warning for lightning storm risk prevention. Electrical storms are unavoidable natural events, but an early detection can allow users to carry out preventive actions which complement with lightning protection.

Our delegation in Madrid now disposes, just like our office in Barcelona, of a large stock of lightning protection material. 

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. continues the series of seminars directed to the knowledge of adequate protection against lightning and surge protection.

In this meeting the latest studies of the sector will be presented. Our professionals will participate in the round of conferences during the 24th and 25th November in Valencia.

Overvoltage protection devices avoid serious economical losses caused by damages in electric and electronic equipment.

Remote technical assistance of a storm detector, now available in Aplicaciones Tecnológicas for ATSTORMv2

webinars december 2020

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the upcoming free online webinars for professionals in November and December. 2020. Registration will be free and there is limited space. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the latest news in the sector from the hand of specialized technicians.

Our ESE air terminal protected the 13th century landmark building of a direct lightning strike.

Lightning rods must undergo periodic inspections and maintenance, as indicated by national and international regulations (UNE21186, NF-C 17 102, IEC EN 62305). These periodic inspections of the lightning rod allow the detection of deviations from the reference standards or anomalies in the installation caused by environmental conditions such as corrosion, incorrect handling such as sectioning or robberies, or other circumstances such as expansions of the building where the lightning rod is located.


webinars september 2020

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas advances on the programming of its next online courses aimed at professionals for the next September 2020. Registration is free and places are limited. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in early storm detection, exothermic welding, external lightning protection with ESE Air Terminals, surge protection and earthing.

Our intervention focused mainly in preventive protection using the thunderstorm warning system ATSTORM

The storehouse of over 50.000m² surface had been destroyed by fire and has been rebuilt with the increased security measures

The Motorcycle Grand Prix of Valencia closed the 2016 World Motorcycling Championship on 11th, 12th and 13th of November. In order to ensure the protection for attendees and facilities during the celebration, the Gran Prix Organization decided to count on an ATSTORM® V.02.

Since it was launched on the market, DAT CONTROLER PLUS lightning air terminals have been submitted to more proofs than those required for these products. Now standards include some of those tests

lightning protection

A lightning protection system with an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminal from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects the seat of the government of the Republic of Paraguay: the Palacio de López, also known as the Government Palace or the Presidential Palace.

The second edition of this standard contains new requirements that have to be accomplished by products and installations

The consumption of energy provided by photovoltaic panels has increased significantly during the last years.

It is an interception system that has the aim of intercepting atmospheric electric discharges and conducting them safely to earth. Any interception system (lightning rod) should meet the national and international standards or laws that are applied to it (mainly standards UNE 21.186, NFC 17.102, Technical Building Code SU8, Series IEC/EN 62.305 and IEC/EN 62.561).

The increase of data transmission has raised the demand of category 6 cables able to reach high transmission speeds


The residential building has been protected with Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ air terminals to comply with safety regulations relating to lightning strikes

A lightning warning system is a device which warns of lightning strike risk in areas that need to be protected against the effect of atmospheric electrical discharges. ATSTORM is an expert system for storm detection developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas which is able to provide local early warnings.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed, together with the Municipality of Cascais, located west of Lisbon in Portugal, a lightning protection study for the installation of lightning rods in its public schools.

Twenty gas stations have been protected against lightning with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals in one of the countries with higher flash density.

The emblematic church of São Roque in Lisbon, as well as the museum next to it, are already protected, both building and contents in their interior, by our lightning rod DAT Controler® Plus, which was chosen due to the security offered by its certificates and tests passed in independent laboratories.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas SA has won the award for the best solution in occupational risk prevention for its ATSTORM® system, a local warning system for the prevention of thunderstorms. This award has been granted by the FSL magazine, a specialized publication on occupational risk prevention and safety and health at work.

How to choose in 4 easy steps the proper Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to protect your installation according to IEC/EN 61643 standard.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches new ATSHIELD TT and ATSHIELD S, compact and combined protector devices with large absorption capacity and low residual voltage.

In every construction project it is essential to consider lightning protection in order to comply with standards. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers a complete service of lightning protection study which includes the necessary technical documents, calculations and plans to offer the appropriate project according to the needs and standards.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. and its workers have launched a solidarity campaign to collect toys to be delivered at the City Hall of Paterna, where the company has its headquarters. The toys, books and even video games that are being collected will certainly bring joy to less fortunate children during this upcoming holiday season.

webinars, january 2021

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers, to all professionals involved in the design and implementation of lightning protection systems, free online webinars for the next January 2021. If you want to participate in these training sessions, find the topic that interests you in your language, the course organized for your country and check the schedule.

The earthing joints of the new AVE railway station building in Valencia have been made using APLIWELD®moulds, welding compounds and accessories.

This image belongs to a lightning strike that occurred recently at a golf field. The imprint on the green has the same shape as the discharge from the cloud to the ground. Its length is around 6 meters. 

During this month, our products will be represented at FISE-Colombia and ELECEXPO-Morocco.

More and more buildings and houses have electronic devices that allow for a more efficient and comfortable home: thermoregulation, sophisticated security systems, all kind of automations, remote controllers, energy management systems, several interconnected devices…There is no doubt in there being a trend for domotised homes which will increase, given how these technologies mean an important improvement in the quality of life.

The immense project, of great strategic value, is situated in an area of high density for atmospheric discharges.

Soils that are near the sea are usually sandy and therefore with a high resistivity. The grounding enhancing products of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. have obtained low earth resistances at the Port of Valencia

Free download your trade pass for free and visit us in Madrid Fair from 23rd to 26 of October, hall 8 – Stand 8E02A.

The air terminals protect the Headquarters and two of the depots for the maintenance and reparation of the trains


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas manufactures lightning protection systems since 1986. The acquired know-how and service orientation has led us in the years to lead the technological and standardization changes in the sector.

Da Pena Palace, located in the mountains of Sintra (Portugal), is already protected against the direct effects of lightning strikes with a wide range of products from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., such as early streamer emission lightning rods, Franklin rods, masts, adapters, anchors, lightning event counter, clips, clamps, etc.

The ATLAN series surge protectors are especially designed to prevent data transfer failures between different pieces of equipment within a network. They protect the electronic circuit inputs of network cards against damage caused by surges.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. was born in February 1986 and has continued its upward trajectory even in the most difficult years

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, leader in lightning protection systems, is organizing free online courses on the exothermic welding system Apliweld® Secure+ and on ATSTORM, a lightning warning system aimed at professionals in the sector. During February and March we will be holding eleven webinars on different topics.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, a company specialized in lightning protection systems, offers solutions for the protection and prevention of occupational hazards due to thunderstorms in ATEX areas.

A "Technical Note of Prevention" recently published in Spain assets that electronic start-up provides significant security enhancements

The frequency inverters are sophisticated equipment with microcontroller technology. For this reason, they are very sensitive to voltage transients and therefore suffer a lot of damage.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A new general lightning protection catalogue is already available in our web page in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has trained Work Health and Safety managers about the regulations in the field of Lightning Protection.

Lightning rods with the most advanced technology from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE, protect Malacky Castle in Slovakia, as well as part of the Zamocky Park, the classicist style English park that surrounds this 17th century fortress.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas increases safety in theme parks by means of protection and prevention systems to minimize risks produced by lightning strikes. Dreamland Margate Theme Park located in Kent (England) is one of the last sites which has been protected by the company, where Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has provided the lightning protection system and the preventive system ATSTORM®, a local thunderstorm detector. 

Electric and electronic equipment may suffer important damages even due to secondary effects of lightning.

The National Pantheon of the Heroes and Oratory of the Virgin Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción is an emblematic building located in the capital city of Paraguay which, at the moment, is under restoration.

Substations are the main centres for power distribution to the population. Their earthing must have a low resistance and being long-lasting and therefore the use of exothermic welding is recommended.

Find out the risk assessment for buildings or installations with our easy-to-use software, in line with the most relevant standards in lightning protection IEC 62305 and NFC 17102.

Nowadays, around 25 million lightning strikes impact the earth every year. In relation to the frequency of the lightning strikes, some research studies point out that the heat and a rise in temperature are related to cloud electrification. In fact, it is known that during the summer, thunderstorms are more frequent.

This reasoning could make us think that if the climate change produces a global rise in temperatures, an increase in lightning events could be produced.

DAT CONTROLER PLUS air terminals, together with our protectors from ATSHOCK and ATCOVER series, protect public and tourist facilities.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. launches ATDB9, the surge protector for data lines wich connect highly sensitive equipment and besides they usually store valuable information.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. submitted several papers dealing with novel theoretical and practical aspects of lightning protection

Protects against transient overvoltages, permanent overvoltages and undervoltages, includes self-reclosing feature.

Photovoltaic power plants are always located in huge and isolated areas or on roofs due to their functions. They are high-cost equipment and when damaged can cause losses to energy supply, especially if they are connected to the distribution network. Its operation is controlled by sensitive electronic devices that can be highly damaged by transient surges. Therefore, from the point of view of lightning protection they are high-risks installations.

Introducing our storm detector ATSTORMv2 at the International Symposium of Lightning Protection in Brazil

The Project Manager from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is a complete online tool to design, define and create comprehensive quotes, independently and intuitively for lightning protection projects.

Our Apliweld®-T universal welding compound tablets and Apliweld®-E electronic ignition help to save costs and avoid labour risks.

The use of exothermic welding described in the Spanish Low Voltage Installation Code was explained within the course


Permanent overvoltages are voltage surges above 10% of the nominal value of the distribution network which are maintained for several cycles or permanently. They are normally caused by a defective connection of the neutral or by a failure in the transformation centre.

surge protection ATPV

Renewable energies present new challenges in the field of lightning and surge protection for direct current lines. Therefore, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed a new range of surge devices for the protection of direct current (DC) systems up to 1500Vdc, according to the IEC-61643-31 standard and the REBT-BT-23 Guide.

Thunderstorms are unavoidable natural phenomena that pose serious threats to goods, services, environment and even cause death to people. The mining industry is really vulnerable to these meteorological events due to the fact its operations take place in open areas and the activities involve the use of heavy equipment and the handling and storage of flammable materials, which increases the risk for employees (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2016).

webinars november

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers free online courses aimed at professionals in the sector. If you want to participate in these training sessions, find the topic that interests you in your language, the course organized for your country and check the schedule.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, specialized in lightning protection systems, organizes free online webinars on two products: the exothermic welding system Apliweld® Secure+ in tablet format with remote electronic ignition and the lightning early warning system ATSTORM®.

The course covered all lightning protection technologies according to the standards.

Risk assessment according to lightning protection standards, both for ESE air terminals (NF-C 17102; UNE 21186/1M) and for Franklin rods and meshed conductors (IEC-EN 62305), requires a detailed knowledge of the structure to be protected. Therefore, the work of and expert is recommended. 

After the publication of the standard EN 50536 about storm detection, the risk evaluation for preventive protection is necessary. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has developed a tool that makes this calculation according to the application guide of the standard.

51 people injured at German metal festival. Having preventive protection measures against lightning minimize accidents and serious losses.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, we have developed projects with Brazilian specialists from the USP (University of São Paulo) IEE (Institute of Energy and Environment) in the field of lightning protection and storm detection.

The exothermic welding system of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas APLIWELD SECURE + now has a new ignition device that includes a controller with Bluetooth connection for a wireless ignition which improves the performance.

The general earthing system connects the different parts of an electrical installation with the surface conductor of the Earth to guarantee security and functionality.

In an electrical installation, the soil itself provides equipotentialization for all of the metallic parts so that there are no differences in potential between each other. This is carried out in order to guarantee the safety of people and equipment from any possible defects in the actual facilities.

APLIWELD Secure + manual is now available with all its possibilities and variants. A practical and complete guide for making the safest exothermic welding.

Always aware of the ever-present dangers of lightning, at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we try to share our knowledge and experience on the subject to ensure that all lightning protection installations are safe and of the highest quality.

Our storm detector protects different types of installations worldwide.

Railway, construction and other industrial installations benefit from the advantages of our brand.

The recent series of Latin America distributor’s training held last June has run around several axes of interest: presentation of our new products, review of the most relevant standards for lightning protection (IEC 62305, IEC 62561, NF C 17102, UNE 2186, NFPA 780, EN 50536, UL 467,…), as well as our software for risk assessment.

It has been 30 years of hard work devoted to providing lightning and surge protection solutions.

Our new catalogue with all products for complete lightning protection is now available in hardback book format in English.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers free online courses for professionals in the sector. If you want to participate in these training sessions, choose the organized course in your country and check your time zone. All our online webinars are free but places are limited.

APLIROD®dynamic electrodes reduce earth resistance even in rocky and stony soils.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, a company specialized in lightning protection systems, increases its offer of free online courses to meet the training needs of our customers during the exceptional situation caused by the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We introduce all our areas of activity, products and new developments  in a very visual, clear and concise publication

The scope of the certification incorporates now storm detectors and exothermic welding

CD-RISK risk calculation software

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has the software to design the most efficient lightning protection system in the sector according to current regulations. CD-RISK is the professional application that allows risk calculation and selection of the Protection Level of a building with regards to the Technical Building Code (SUA8) and UNE standards (EN 62305 and 21186).

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas adds new accessories to the Apliweld® Secure+ system. The new car charger for the electronic starting device and the mould accessory increase the range of products of the most efficient and secure welding system in the market.

On 23, 24 and 25 October we are going to show our efficient and secure exothermic welding. Please download your free professional pass and come see us at stand 8E02A.

After the fire of Notre Dame cathedral in April 2019, the need to protect landmark buildings from fires has been highlighted. The causes of these fires are usually human failure or faulty electrical installations, but landmark buildings have also been destroyed by fires caused by a lightning strike.

Its small size makes it easy to install inside the electrical conduits, very close to the luminaires


Only nuclear waste experts, provided with the appropriate protections, can remove radioactive lightning protection installations

Homes and business premises contain an increasing number of electric and electronic equipment, with more complex and essential functions. The damages due to overvoltages can be very serious for computers or TVs including peripherals, which are becoming more expensive and sophisticated. 

Lightning is one of the most fascinating and spectacular natural phenomena. The powerful electrostatic discharge that it represents lights up the sky during electrical storms.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that lightning strikes Earth with great force, and without appropriate protection and prevention it is potentially hazardous for people, animals, buildings and electrical and electronic equipment.

The storm detector ATFLASH SENSOR measures the electromagnetic field, providing information about the electroatmospheric activity in real-time for preventive purposes.

The storm detector ATSTORM V.02 provides the chance to take temporary measures for minimizing risks in explosive environments.