Radiofrequency test device for transient overvoltage protectors for data & communication and DC power supply lines.

Technical data

  • RF SPD TESTER is a radiofrequency portable device which checks the status of the removable modules for transient overvoltage protectors in the ATFONO (data lines), ATLINE (telephone lines) and ATVOLT (DC power supply lines) series.
  • How it works: Pressing the test button, the RF SPD TESTER sends out a signal to the surge protector circuit. If the protector’s LED flickers at the same time as the checking LED, then the module is working properly. When the LED does not light up, the cartridge is damaged and must be replaced as soon as possible to prevent imminent failure in the protection system.
  • Compatible with:
  • ATLINE series
  • ATFONO series
  • ATVOLT series

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