ATSTORM®, the expert local thunderstorm detection system that prevents risks from lightning strikes and avoids personal and material losses.

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Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals (ESE) or Faraday Cage mesh and Franklin Rod system, conforming to national and international standards.

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All elements for a quality earthing system, essential in any electrical installation.

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Apliweld® Secure+ is the most efficient and safest exothermic welding on the market. Its innovative tablet format offers perfect connections, cost savings and safety.

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Protection devices that respond instantly to short duration voltage increases, protecting equipment connected to power supply and data lines.

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Wide range of protection devices that counteract the effects of long-term voltage increases, protecting and disconnecting the equipment from the network.

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Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, leader for more than 30 years in security solutions against electrical storms, has revolutionized the sector by incorporating the Lightning & Earthing Smart Solutions concept.

Electrical storms are dangerous and sudden hazards that generate risks to both people and property. These risks can be minimized with classic lightning protection systems.

However, intelligent solutions go further, collecting data, transmitting it via the communications network and processing it, so that new information is generated, for example:

  • The monitoring and information in real time of storm phenomena to avoid occupational risks
  • The control and verification of the state of a set of assets and installations, prior to failures or malfunctions
  • Operational control to organize maintenance tasks, or to avoid inefficient, dangerous or unexpected situations


storm detection system IoT storm detector internet of things smart solutions

The ATSTORM® storm detection system has dual sensor technology and also has IoT connectivity, thanks to which the system improves performance the longer it is in service in a given location, adjusting its algorithms and calculation formulas. The sensors are permanently connected to the centralised calculation system of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., where their signals are processed, their operation is monitored and alerts are sent to users.

transient permanent overvoltages surges small businesses

Small tertiary businesses, like any other sector of economic activity, are increasingly dependent on highly complex equipment, with electrical and electronic components that are very sensitive to transient and permanent surges. Surge protection of installations and equipment is not always performed properly, which has an impact on the safety of people and goods, and entails economic damage that is difficult to assume for a business of these characteristics.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers, to all professionals involved in the design and implementation of lightning protection systems, free online webinars for november and december 2021. If you want to participate in these training sessions, find the topic that interests you in your language, the course organized for your country and check the schedule. By clicking on the link, you can register to participate.

Aluminothermic or exothermic welding is the chemical process that allows two or more conductors to be joined together in a durable manner. It is mainly used in earthing systems due to its reliability, resistance and a series of advantages over other types of joints. Knowing whether it is properly carried out, how to calculate the necessary material or how to guarantee the safety of people in the event of a chemical reaction are the main questions answered by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

The ATSTORM® storm detection system, remotely operated by the experts at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., uses the dual technology of electrostatic field sensors and electromagnetic field-based sensors. The scanning of any environmental sensor can be interfered by any external element. The redundancy of ATSTORM® detection units allows to obtain a homogeneous alarm valid for the whole target area, thanks to the balanced auto-compensation of the obtained values that guarantees an exceptional accuracy.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers free online courses aimed at professionals in the sector. If you want to participate in these training sessions, find the topic that interests you in your language, the course organized for your country and check the schedule. By clicking on the link, you can register to participate. You can also check the schedule on our webinar page. 


Lightning protection in over 80 countries

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has an international presence executing security solutions against electrical storms in the five continents.

We operate in more than 80 countries through a network of local distributors, whom we support to successfully develop their business, providing training, technical support and marketing. Our headquarters are located in Valencia (Spain), with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and the Caribbean.


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