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Lightning Protection System projects

Proyectos de protección contra el rayo, Lightning Protection System projects, Projets de protection contre la foudree, Projetos de proteção contra o raio

Lightning Protection System projects

The optimum solution for the complete lightning protection of any structure.
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Experience, computing tools and deep knowledge of the normative for optimized and safe designs

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has more than 35 years of experience in the design, installation and revision of lightning protection systems. We participate in the standards production and we investigate all aspects related to lightning storms and their consequences. This enormous experience is transferred to the realization of studies for the protection against lightning of structures, equipment and all type of sites, using our software developments and the knowledge of our team for achieving the most efficient design.

Basic solutions and ad-hoc projects

Lightning protection of a structure and its contents needs a risk calculation in order to select the protection level. Besides, the project must accomplish the relevant standards and take into account the particularities of the structure, the equipment and the lines.

Thanks to our tools and techniques, we can offer simple basic solutions but also detailed studies of the most complex systems, ad-hoc projects with comprehensive calculations and customized solutions for an integral protection of the structure and the equipment it contains.


Our lightning protection services comprise:


Design of both external and internal lightning protection system, calculating the risk according to the features of the structure to be protected, following all the relevant standards and defining all the elements that an efficient and safe protection needs.


Technical assessment given by experts, a professional team formed by scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the design of lightning protection systems and a deep knowledge of the content and meaning of the applicable standards.


The widest range surge protection device for embracing all technologies and components: Early Streamer Emission (ESE air terminals), lightning rods, specific conductors, robust and easy-to-install accessories, protectors against transient and permanent overvoltages, exothermic welding,… We are manufactures and our products have the highest quality guarantees.


In addition to traditional components, we have developed a new range of smart products, which allows to monitor each part of the lightning protection system and its diagnosis through IoT, artificial intelligence and expert algorithms, thus improving safety, optimizing the maintenance and making our products and services the most advanced range for lightning protection.

Professional service aimed at engineering and architecture studios

Risk assessment and lightning protection system design


Risk assessment

  • Evaluation of the risk due to lightning according to the relevant standards.
  • Calculation of the minimum Lightning Protection Level (LPL) to be applied for the design of the Lightning Protection System of the structure and the protection against overvoltages of the lines.
  • Use of isoceraunic maps based on national and international standards and on global studies for assigning the flash density at any part of the world


External protection

  • Possibility of multiple buildings with different characteristics and protection levels.
  • Graphic representation of the risks for the types of losses defined in the standards considering different protection measures.
  • Possibility of different solutions for the external LPS: ESE air terminals, rods, meshed conductors, mixed solutions.
  • Drawings of the area covered by the air terminals.
  • Selection of the earth electrodes according to the type of soil selected for the risk calculation.
  • List of all the required components for the lightning protection system considering the relevant standards and the selected features.


Internal protection

  • Selection of the transient and permanent surge protection device for suitable for the installation at each building.
  • Transient surge device are selected taking into account the obtained lightning protection level and the required co-ordination for correctly protecting the lines. Transient overvoltage protectors are chosen considering the power supply current.
  • Surge protection for power supply, telephone and data lines.



  • Report that includes an introduction listing the standards, risk calculations and detailed description of all air terminals and accessories that will be employed in the lightning protection installation, both for the external and internal systems.
  • Coverage diagram.
  • Detailed quotation with all the needed material.

Essential data for a lightning protection study

For the design of a complete lightning protection system, being safe and realistic, it is necessary to know several basic data of the structure and the lines:

External protection

  • Drawings (layout, roof, front views) and/or location (for existing buildings), that would allow to know the shape of the structure/s, the different heights and the objects at roof level (antennas, solar panels, etc.)
  • Placement and environment
  • Building material
  • Use and occupation
  • Existence of dangerous material

Internal protection

  • Type of the power and telecommunication lines
  • Existence of a transformer
  • Single-line diagram or description of the primary and secondary boards (voltage, phases, etc.)
  • Description of the telecommunication lines (type, voltage, connectors, etc.)

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