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Earthing materials

Materiales para tomas de tierra, Earthing materials, Matériel pour prises de terre, Material para redes de terra

Earthing materials

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. materials are designed to optimise the working life of the earthing, which is an essential element of any electrical installation since its function is to protect both individuals and equipment of dangerous potential differences.


The importance of a good earthing

“Earthing that is mainly established in order to limit the tension that, with respect to earth, metallic masses may present at any given moment, ensure the protection and eliminate or reduce the risk of a breakdown in the electrical materials used.” (REBT)

The main objectives of a low voltage earth termination system are:

  • Provide safety for persons by limiting the touch voltage.
  • Protect installations and equipment by providing a low impedance path.
  • Improve the quality of the signal by minimizing the electromagnetic noise.
  • Set a reference voltage for the system equipotentialization.

How to achieve a good earthing

An efficient earthing requires a low earthing resistance. To achieve this, it is essential to follow a series of steps. First, a geoelectric study of the soil determines its resistivity in order to optimize the earthing project. Our professional services are made by experts and the most advanced software tools.

On another side, a good earthing demands the use of high quality and durability materials, accomplishing with the relevant product standards and the design requirements. Our wide range of earthing materials offer, among others: highly corrosion resistant conductors and electrodes with the appropriate section, non-corrosive and environment-friendly soil conductivity improvers, conductor joints using Apliweld Secure+ exothermic welding, which guarantees the connection at molecular level of the buried conductors, etc.

Finally, the smart monitoring of the resistance and continuity of the earthing system will turn it into an Earthing 4.0, thus preventing risks and achieving an early detection of failures or thefts, providing real time alerts for corrective maintenances and data for predictive maintenances. It will also simplify the logistic of periodic verification procedures.


Our product range

Earth electrodes

Copper-plated steel poles and other materials, easy to install, for low resistivity terrain.

Equipotential bonding

Wide range of earth bars to bond all metal elements equipotentially.

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