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Operational and financial efficiency in the solar energy sector: how to extend the lifespan of solar farms with intelligent technology

Every significant investment has its share of risk. And solar energy, the leader among renewables, is no exception. A solar farm’s design, implementation and maintenance pose operational and financial challenges that start from the first phase and extend throughout its useful life. On the one hand, if a good project is not carried out before construction, the operation of the energy installation can be compromised. On the other hand, if assets are not protected against any eventuality, such as a thunderstorm, the cost of repairs can drive up costs and slow the return on investment.

Solar energy: smart earthing solutions to optimise the operation of photovoltaic plants

The solar energy sector is a strategic industry that plays a crucial role in the energy transition. In order to protect the heavy economic investment that a photovoltaic park requires, both in the project phase and in operation, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed a portfolio of smart solutions that allow continuous monitoring of the state of an earthing system. The SMART EARTHING range is focused on achieving operational efficiency, reducing maintenance costs by anticipating critical repairs and extending the useful life of facilities to meet the return on investment on schedule.


Transient overvoltages: what are they, what damage can they cause and types of suitable protectors

The overvoltages known as transients, are very short duration increases in voltage, measured between two conductors, or between conductor and ground. These can be due to atmospheric electric discharges (lightning strikes) or to switching or fault processes (contact to earth or short circuit).

Upcoming free online webinars for professionals: June 2023

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas puts its more than 35 years of experience to offer free webinars aimed at professionals involved in the design of lightning protection systems and safety against electrical storms, design and implementation of earthing and surge protection systems.

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