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Oil & Gas sector: earthing and lightning protection systems

The petrochemical and hydrocarbon handling industry is of enormous importance to the global economy and is also a hazardous industry capable of causing serious environmental damage. Its electrical installations are exposed to the risks of fault and static electricity, and are vulnerable to hazards from lightning strikes. Grounding systems are key to reducing these safety threats to sensitive people and equipment. Artificial intelligence and IoT technology applied to grounding and lightning protection systems bring unique value to the safety and operational-financial efficiency of assets.


Predictive maintenance: what it is and how to achieve it with smart technology

Predictive maintenance is a technique that uses data analysis to detect anomalies in the operation of equipment and processes. The maintenance of any installation is vital for its proper functioning and, consequently, to achieve the operational and financial efficiency of a company, as well as to ensure occupational safety. The monitoring of the grounding system with smart technology carried out by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is based on sensors that collect data and send it via IoT technology so that trained AI algorithms can detect faults before they occur, thus saving costs and minimising risks.


Self-developed tool for earthing systems 4.0, lightning and surge protection projects

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed a software with advanced functionalities for the design and analysis of earthing systems 4.0 and lightning protection systems. This software is the one we use within our expert services for erthing systems 4.0 and lightning and surge protection projects. One of its most innovative aspects is the analysis of the combined interaction of grounding and surge protection in a building.


A brief history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how the development of intelligent models creates high quality solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ceased to be an unknown and has become an integral part of our daily interactions with each other and the devices surrounding us. From antiquity to the 20th century, from Greek philosophers to Turing and McCarthy, we now have models capable of generating photorealistic images and multiple industrial applications. This is a brief introduction to AI and how Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’s AI department is specialised in the creation of trained models in constant evolution to achieve the efficiency of its solutions which, in addition, can be adapted to the needs of any client.