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Thunderstorm detection ATSTORM system

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Smart early warning system for risk prevention against lightning storms

The technological solution that prevents risks from lightning storms

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Lightning risk assessment based on local sensors, IoT technology and expert algorithms

ATSTORM® is the smart lightning storm detector, designed to activate and deactivate temporary preventive actions that minimise the risks derived from a possible lightning strike.

The ATSTORM® lightning storm detector system is a smart solution supported by IoT technologies, based on the evaluation of the conditions of the area to be protected and multiple data that support the expert algorithms.

The ATSTORM® storm detector system makes it possible to prevent occupational hazards, objectively determine real local risk and optimise downtime due to a possible lightning storm.

Benefits of ATSTORM® system

With the ATSTORM® system users, owners, occupational risk prevention officers and infrastructure operators achieve:


Identification of the risk generated by the formation or approach of a lightning storm at the earliest possible stage to activate temporary preventive measures.



Notifications of “no risk” based on real-time analysis of conditions rather than preestablished safety times for the resumption of regular functions.



Real-time information about local storm conditions. Easily available historical data.

Smart ATSTORM® system functioning

The electrostatic field is the only direct and unambiguous indicator of the risk of lightning strikes under any circumstances, according to IEC 62793:2020.

The ATSTORM® storm detector system collects real-time information from detection units and transfers it to AT-CLOUD. Through specialised algorithms the system estimates the risk of a lightning storm on the site, recognising the conditions that require an alert to be provided.


Data collection

Continuous monitoring of the electrostatic and electromagnetic field, detecting local risk before the start of discharges, as well as lightning strikes tens of kilometres away.


Precise diagnostics

Local data is sent to the cloud where expert algorithms accurately identify storm formation or approaching storm in the area.


Objective multichannel alerts

The processed information is sent to the user in form of alerts, providing anticipation time (tens of minutes) to initiate preventive actions.


Prevention for lightning storm:
The ATSTORM® system features

Ad-hoc projects

Lightning storms are complex and highly dynamic phenomena. To ensure the best system performance at the location to be protected, we analyse the location individually and determine the best system configuration in terms of the number of sensors and their location.

Smart early warning system

Identification of pre-lightning storm conditions, providing alerts for objective decision making.

Sensors with uninterrupted operationand
high reliability.

Electronic detectors without moving parts minimise maintenance requirements and optimise efficiency.

Expert system

System performance improves the longer the service time at a given location thanks to self-learning techniques and adaptive algorithms.

Remotely controlled by expert personnel via IoT

The sensors are permanently connected to the centralised calculation system of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., where the signal is processed, performance is monitored and alerts are sent to users.

Dual sensing technology:

The electrostatic field is the only technology capable to warn of lightning storm formation in the area. ATSTORM® also has electromagnetic field sensing to extend the detection area of approaching active lightning storms.

  • Patented technology
  • Redundancy of power and communications systems
  • An autonomous system with no need for wiring

Adaptive alarms

Adjustment of the system to local conditions and customer needs by calculating alarm parameters for warning periods time adjusting at each location to improve overall performance.

  • Tiered alerts
  • No false alarms
  • Alarm automation
  • Continuous updating of the system

visual plataform

The information is centralised for customers with multi-location and can be managed from anywhere using multi-channel management solutions (private web portal, mobile devices, SCADA integration, e-mail, sound alarms, etc.).


  • Mobile App for the visualisation and receiving of alarms in real-time.
  • Real-time status visualisation of the equipment on a private web portal with an indication of the local risk.
  • Real-time data integration with SCADA systems through various protocols.

  • Alerts indicated on the map and in a pop-up element accompanied by sound.
  • Generation of reports in PDF and downloading of CSV format files for studies and reports for the user.
  • Access to the history of alerts and details of the electrostatic field evolution.

Technology of the ATSTORM® smart early warning system for risk prevention against lightning storms


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