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About us

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas

About us

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. is a Spanish technology company with a strong international presence. Founded in 1986, its multidisciplinary team has experience in different areas and is formed by experts in engineering, physics, electronics, communications, IT, IoT, data science and new technologies.

We export smart technology that has been developed by our R&D Department and manufactured in our facilities in Spain to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Transformation through innovation

The continuous development of new products, services and processes is part of our DNA at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, because quality customer service begins by offering innovative products that respond to the customer needs.

This clear commitment to R&D is materialized with more than 50% of our technical staff dedicated to research projects and a 12% investment in the last 10 years.


dedicated to R&D projects


in R&D

We are manufacturers

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, we not only develop products, processes and services in our divisions and areas of expertise, but also manage their complete industrialization, certification and manufacturing.

Therefore, we constantly innovate and invest with the ultimate goal of ensuring that we offer the highest quality to our clients. To this aim, we have more than 3000 m2 production area and state-of-the-art machinery.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has presence on all continents, developing comprehensive projects in our areas of knowledge.

We export smart technology developed by our R&D&I department and manufactured in Spain in our own production facilities to more than 100 countries.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas actively participates in the national and international standardization committees that develop and update the standards of protection against lightning. We are involved in several working groups with the aim of improving and adapting the regulations to technological innovations globally.

For many years, we have been members of the TC81 technical committee “Lightning protection” and the SC37 technical committee “Lightning Rod”, at both national and international level. We are also the Spanish representation at the plenary meetings about lightning protection.

This active participation allows us to advance technological solutions to meet future standards. Knowing the future trends in lightning protection systems allows us to transfer to our customers total security in the compliance of our products.


AENOR Members of the Spanish Lightning Protection Standardization Committee


Spanish delegates to CENELEC
(European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization – Protection Against the Lightning)


Spanish Delegates in IEC.
(International Electrotechnical Committee – Protection against Lightning).


  • Company registered by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) which certifies that it has implemented a quality assurance system in accordance with the UNE – EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for its products and services.
  • Product certificate conforming to the N mark of AENOR for Early Streamer Emission lightning rods (ESE).
  • Company certified by IVAC (Certification Institute) for the Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard.

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

QNET ISO 9001:2015

RP 058.02

ISO 14001:2015

Quality, environmental and corporate social
responsibility policies

We seek excellence in our company, paying special attention to people and their working conditions, as well as to the quality of our production processes, maintaining a serious commitment to the environment and sustainable development. Our goal is, therefore, to serve society with useful products and in fair conditions in order to create employment and wealth in the most efficient way possible. To achieve this, as we have done for many years, we apply policies of environmental respect, social responsibility and equality.

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