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Smart Earthing Monitoring System

Smart Earthing Monitoring System

Smart Earthing Monitoring System

Smart system for centralised monitoring of earthing systems: distributed sensorisation, IoT connectivity and Artificial Intelligence for the supervision of earthing systems.

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Earthing system is a mirror that reflects the state of an electrical installation

Earthing system is a fundamental safety element that requires regular maintenance. An earthing system makes it not only to observe the electrical dynamics attributable to the abnormal operation of facility but also of equipment connected to it, which could be affected by transients, leakage, spurious and harmonics currents, etc.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM performs centralised monitoring of earthing systems by means of smart sensors distributed in selected control points, evaluating the status of the facility at regular and programmable intervals, guaranteeing safety and continuity of the service.

Optimise safety and operational-financial efficiency of your assets



Prevention of critical situations such as those that can be generated by step and touch voltages in facilities that are not continuously supervised or without proper maintenance.


Data-driven predictive maintenance that optimises asset lifetime. Real-time alerts for corrective maintenance. Theft and vandalism detection.


Cost savings through logistical simplification of verification processes and early detection of asset failure situations.

Efficient monitoring of earthing systems

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM enables distributed processing and centralised monitoring of earthing systems as well as interpretation of data, providing useful feedback for decision making.


Data collection

Centralised monitoring using distributed smart sensors allows real-time status monitoring of the electrical installation and equipment connected to it in an economically efficient way, ensuring safety and continuity of service.

High-capacity distributed processing facilitates the incorporation of new features and/or user requirements and enables automatic local action.


Accurate diagnostics

Interpretation of data through AI algorithms such as Clustering, Adaptive Filtering or Deep Learning, provides information for complete characterisation of the monitored system.


Objective multi-channel alerts

Feedback is received by different departments: asset management, operations, maintenance, etc., both in form of alerts and historical measurements. In this way, risks, failures and their effects can be minimised, and the useful life of assets can be optimised through predictive maintenance. All this results in cost savings due to logistical simplification of verification processes and optimisation of corrective preventive maintenance.


Logistical and operational optimisation of periodic regulatory checks.

Determination of the regulatory resistive value of the monitored system.

Verification of conductors and connections that form part of the monitored loop (cable screens, etc.).

Verification of continuity of the earthing conductor (breakage, vandalism, etc.).

Characterisation of current flow in interconnected earthing systems.

Evaluation of leakage currents in industrial systems and processes for optimisation of preventive maintenance of machinery.

Assessment of the level of electrical noise causing interference associated with equipment malfunctions.

Monitoring of earthing fittings and neutral transformer in substations.

Optimisation of maintenance associated with cathodic protection. Power supply quality control.

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