Why storm detection systems are not substitutes of external lightning protection systems and vice versa?

Why storm detection systems are not substitutes of external lightning protection systems and vice versa?

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we offer lightning protection systems as well as local early warning for lightning storm risk prevention. Electrical storms are unavoidable natural events, but an early detection can allow users to carry out preventive actions which complement with lightning protection.

How does a lightning protection system help us?

A lightning rod is a protection element. Once it approaches objects placed on the ground, any of them can be struck. The objective of an external lightning protection system is to control the lightning striking point thus providing the lightning current a path to the ground without damaging the structure.

In the external system, it becomes very relevant the correct installation of the air terminal. ESE lightning rods are high technology equipment’s which are able to protect more than 100 meters around. Therefore, there’s an increase in the protection obtained with a fewer number of lightning rods. Besides, also being a solution for open areas protection.

Fires, breaks, electrocutions, overvoltage in power lines or equipment damage are some of the consequences of a lightning strike. Besides, this can pose a risk to people in the building with a lack of protection. Lightning rods protect buildings or enclosures from physical or material damages which they may suffer in the case of a lightning strike.

Therefore, lightning rods are permanent protection measures which, in the case of a lightning strike, avoid damages to structures and thus avoid collateral damages to materials and people.

Why it is important to complement the protection with a preventive system?

The lightning rod avoids the beam from impacting the building with all the physical damages this would cause, but cannot avoid all the effects of the strike. The people around the building or in the rooftop could be in danger. Besides, the lightning itself is a big spark, an electric arc with a huge amount of energy which causes important overvoltages and can be dangerous in explosive atmospheres. Even if the external protection is correct, in many cases, it is necessary to take other precautions.

A lightning warning device is a preventive system as it allows the implementation of temporary measures in advance to avoid the risks associated with lightning strike.

ATSTORM® expert system provides lightning alerts and alerts for the risk of thunderstorms with maximum anticipation and reliability through real-time monitoring and analysis of local conditions in the area to be protected. The monitoring area can reach a radius of 40 km.

The accuracy and precision of the alert make it possible to rigorously identify the risk associated with the thunderstorms approaching or forming over the area to be protected. Thus, preventive measures may be taken to reduce the risk associated with a lightning strike thanks to the anticipation time it provides.

The ATSTORM® allows implementing temporally measures to avoid damages to people and equipment during a thunderstorm. These temporary measures cease when the storm concludes.

This is a solution which is applicable to many professional sectors (mining, airports, oil and gas, energy…) and open-air activities since it allows safeguarding people and infrastructures of the destructive effects of the lightning, as well as ensuring the continuity of the services.

More than 30 years focused on prevention and protection against lightning.

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas there is plenty of experience, technical capacity and knowledge in standards to provide with the most accurate protection and prevention solutions for each particular project.

The ESE air terminals are totally autonomous and have a certified resistance to extreme environmental conditions with an insulation higher than 95% in rainy conditions.

Conductors, surge protection devices and Earthing material complement the lightning protection systems.

The ATSTORM® is able to detect all the stages of a thunderstorm in real time. It belongs to “class A” detection category.

“Class A” detectors are effective to detect thunderstorms in its forming stage. Due to the study of the phenomena associated with the clouds electrification, they are able to evaluate the necessary previous conditions for the lightning discharge. These types of detectors are also the only ones capable of detecting the final or dissipation phase of the storm.

For this reason, ATSTORM® is the appropriate system to prevent occupational risks caused by lightning strike.

Main advantages of the ATSTORM® system:

  • Double sensing technology for a more accurate detection.
  • Fully electronic technology, without mechanical moving parts.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Protected IT infrastructure: devices, central servers and alarm systems are within a private network (VPN).
  • Expert system: continuous improvement of the algorithms, increasing its adaptation to the characteristics of its location and consequently the efficiency of the alarms.
  • Flexible alarm management systems: An App with push alerts is available.
  • Autonomous power supply system: the measuring stations come with solar panels for their total autonomy in addition to an integrated battery.

Increased security and greatest guarantee thanks to technological innovation is Aplicaciones Tecnológicas priority. For more information, do not hesitate to contact any of our experts here.