Compact protector against transient and permanent overvoltages with integrated miniature circuit breaker.

Technical data

  • IGA TEST COMPACT protectors cut off the power supply when they detect a permanent overvoltage, (for example, a fault in the neutral), thus protecting the equipment installed downstream.
  • Moreover, IGA TEST COMPACT protectors also actuate when they detect a transient overvoltage, driving the current to earth and reducing the voltage to a level that does not damage the connected equipment.
  • Tested and certified as a type 2 protector in official and independent laboratories according to standards UNE-EN 61643-11 and GUÍA-BT-23 from the REBT.
  • It has a thermodynamic control device that disconnects from the electrical network in case of deterioration, and also a warning system for transient overvoltages. When the warning light is green, the protector is in good condition. If not, replace.
  • The integrated MCB is available for the most usual nominal currents: 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 A.
  • IGA TEST COMPACT series protectors have been tested in official, independent laboratories obtaining their characteristics according to applicable standards.

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