Aplicaciones Tecnológicas actively participates in the national and international standardization committees that develop and update the standards of protection against lightning. We are involved in several working groups with the aim of improving and adapting the regulations to technological innovations globally.

For many years, we have been members of the TC81 technical committee “Lightning protection” and the SC37 technical committee “Lightning Rod”, at both national and international level. We are also the Spanish representation at the plenary meetings about lightning protection.

This active participation allows us to advance technological solutions to meet future standards. Knowing the future trends in lightning protection systems allows us to transfer to our customers total security in the compliance of our products.


Members of the Spanish Lightning Protection Standardization Committee


Spanish delegates to CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization – Protection Against the Lightning)


Spanish Delegates in IEC.
(International Electrotechnical Committee – Protection against Lightning).