Smart ESE Lightning Rods

Smart ESE Lightning Rods

The Online Course on Lightning Protection Projects of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas receives CPD certificate in UK online training

The Online Course on Lightning Protection Projects of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides the fundamentals, method and case studies to enable professionals involved in this sector to professionally design Lightning Protection Systems based on the main international standards. Since 2022, the course is certified as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in the UK.

Lightning protection in residential solar panels lighning rod surge protection photovoltaic system ese

Self-consumption of electricity by means of solar panels is arousing great interest among consumers both because of the savings in energy consumption, as they are less dependent on the external electricity grid, and because of the reduction in environmental impact. The high cost of installing solar panels in private homes, given that they take several years to pay for themselves, makes it essential that they are protected against the destructive effects of a lightning strike.

Data processing centres DPCs lightning protection surge protection

Data processing centres (DPCs) are under constant threat, not only from computer attacks but also from meteorological phenomena such as electrical storms. These are essential infrastructures that require protection against lightning and surges to avoid possible data loss and degradation of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as to prevent downtime, outages and service interruptions that imply a high economic impact.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Air Terminals lightning rods smart solutions

A lightning strike is one of nature’s most destructive events. Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning arrester is one of the main tools in lightning protection systems (LPS), a major innovation over passive lightning rods or Franklin rods. Starting with its installation and requirements to functioning, these are the five most frequently answered questions about ESE in Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.