Storm Detection

Storm Detection


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has joined the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) to participate in the maintenance of the standard UNE-EN IEC 61400-24:2011 – Wind turbines. Part 24: Protection against lightning strikes.

Wind energy: smart technology for grounding and lightning protection systems

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed the precise solutions for the efficient management of grounding and lightning protection systems in wind farms, maximising occupational safety and cost savings. We are at WindEurope Bilbao 2022 presenting the advanced equipment SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM, WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER and ATSTORM®.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas in WindEurope Bilbao 2022 wind sector energy

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. will attend WindEurope 2022 from 5 to 7 April in Bilbao with our line of SMART products specifically designed to maximise occupational safety and cost savings in the wind energy sector. We will be at stand 1-D56 to inform about our innovative technological solutions, as well as the launch of an advanced product for wind turbines.

The 5 most frequently asked questions storm detection

Lightning is a powerful atmospheric electrical discharge that can pose a great danger depending on where it strikes. Without proper protection and prevention, these discharges pose a risk to people, animals, buildings and electrical and electronic equipment, as well as causing environmental disasters. Although they cannot be prevented, there are storm detectors that issue the necessary alarms to take action to take preventive measures.