Protection for photovoltaic installations.

Technical data

  • Effective protection of the photovoltaic installations and every element that could be integrated in the installation, such as the voltage inverter.
  • Tested and certified as a type 2 protector according to the standard EN 61643-11 and GUÍA-BT-23 from the REBT.
  • Made up of zinc oxide varistors adjusted to the specific voltage of the electrical installation to be protected. They are able to protect inverters with an open input voltage of 1000 VDC.
  • Short response time.
  • Do not produce deflagration.
  • Protection with removable modules.
  • They do not cause any interruption to the power supply.
  • Thermodynamic control device, mechanical warning and remote alarm. When the warning light is yellow, the cartridge is in good condition. If not, replace.
  • They are installed in parallel with the line, without affecting its operation in normal conditions.
  • The ATPV series includes removable modules that can be replaced in the event of a breakdown or fault without needing to disconnect the wiring.
  • ATPV series protectors have been tested in official, independent laboratories obtaining their characteristics according to applicable standards.

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