Coordinated direct current power supply for overvoltage protection devices.

Technical data

  • Tested and certified as a type 3 protector according to the standard EN 61643-11 and GUÍA-BT-23 from the REBT. Suitable for categories I, II, III and IV equipment according to the REBT.
  • Protection in common and differential mode is advisable for this type of line.
  • Includes removable module that can be replaced in the event of a breakdown or fault without needing to disconnect the wiring. The power supply is not interrupted when replacing the module.
  • It has a radiofrequency receptor in order to carry out maintenance using only an emitter kit. When the RF SPD Tester is applied and the protector is working, the LED flickers green. If the cartridge is damaged, the LED does not light up.
  • Wide variety of protectors for different working voltages.
  • It remains inactive in normal conditions, without affecting normal operation of the line and or producing leakages.
  • Discharge takes place in an internal encapsulated element, with no external flash.
  • Low residual voltage for all operating voltages.
  • Very fast response time.
  • Mechanical connection of conductors using screws, in order to absorb a higher amount of overvoltage.
  • ATVOLT series protectors have been tested in official, independent laboratories obtaining their characteristics according to applicable standards.

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