Extension project of “Puerto de Limón” in Costa Rica counts on the innovative Exothermic Welding Apliweld®-T

The strategic extension will allow the tourist and social development of the Limón Region, increasing the capacity of scale for cruises on their journey through the Caribbean Sea.

The application of the exothermic welding tablets Apliweld®-T  was key due to corrosion problems of “Puerto de Limón” soil. Therefore, special attention has been paid to the quality of materials, using this exothermic welding solution for the connection between conductors, which provides a robustness and durability in adverse conditions that mechanical joints do not offer. In addition, the revolutionary tablet system has simplified the work by being a compact and easy to use product that also saves costs in terms of storage and transportation, by having just one reference to make any type of union and containing no flammable material in its composition.