The thunderstorm detector ATSTORMv2 will watch the largest power generation station in Colombia

ATSTORMv2 is able to detect the thunderstorms even during their formation and can thus avoid, from the first works of this great power station, accidents caused by lightning.

The hydroelectric power plant of Ituango is currently being built in Colombia. It will be the largest power station in Colombia and its first stages are already working.

This huge enterprise has chosen for a highest safety our thunderstorm detector ATSTORMv2, a very reliable device that is able to detect thunderstorms even before the first lightning discharges. The sensor of this detector is fully electronic, without mobile parts that may get blocked, not needing therefore continuous maintenance.

The early detection of thunderstorms in a construction of this nature can avoid damages to workers and equipment, evacuating hazardous areas and using generators at specific moments in which lightning could cause serious losses.

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