External protection: Lightning Rods

Lightning is one of the most naturally destructive phenomena. There is no device capable of preventing the formation of lightning, but it is possible to minimize its effects with a lightning protection system.

The lightning rod is an essential piece of the lightning protection system. It must be the point of controlled impact of a discharge, so as to provide the lightning current with a path to ground without damaging the protected structure.

The elements that compose an integral lightning protection system are the following:

  • Air terminales (Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminals  or Franklin rods and meshed conductors).
  • Down conductors.
  • Earthing.
  • Surge protection.
  • Other measures that minimize the destructive effects of lightning (equipotential bonding, shielding, etc.).

ESE Air Terminals are characterized by emitting a continuous upward leader before any other object within their protection radius. The DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas have passed all tests according to the regulations and have the best operational guarantees:

  • Radius Certificate of compliance with the standards
  • Product certification AENOR Nrº 058/000005
  • Supported current certificate 20 impacts 200 kA and 5 impacts 250 kA (10/350μs)
  • Certificate of operation in rainy conditions
  • Operation check from anywhere via GSM
  • Certificate of protection radius:

Protection by Franklin rods and meshed conductors consists in distributing and dissipating the discharge current of lightning through a network of donw conductors and earthing systems. The installation, sections and materials must comply with the provisions of the standards that define this type of system (series IEC 62305, IEC 62561).

The aim of the down conductors is to drive the lightning current from the air termination system to earth. Finally, the earthing, which conducts and disperses the lightning current to the ground.

These measures, together with the equipotential bonding, prevent physical damage to structures. However, the effects of lightning can also enter through the service lines themselves. To prevent damage to electrical and electronic equipment surge protection devices are installed.

AENOR Certification RP 058.02

Product certificate conforming to the N mark of AENOR according to the Specific Certification Regulation of AENOR RP 058.02 for Early Streamer Emission lightning rods (ESE).

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