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Professional service of advanced geoelectrical studies

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas presents its professional service of advanced geoelectrical studies, especially aimed at engineering and architectural studies and with our method based on simplifying the measurement process, which provides more reliable results thanks to the application of smart technologies and the processing of results by specialists, which makes it highly competitive.

A geoelectrical study characterises the subsoil of a piece of land, determining the stratification: number of strata in the earthing area, depth at which they are found, thickness and apparent resistivity.

Knowing the resistivity of the soil in each subsoil layer allows the most suitable earthing system to be chosen. However, this type of study usually requires specific equipment and personnel with extensive knowledge of the subject for its correct execution, which complicates the process and makes it more expensive.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed its method based on the simplification of taking measurements, IoT communications and the application of Artificial Intelligence that provides the most reliable results with the most optimised procedure possible, making this service extremely competitive.

Use of smart technology and expert treatment

The GEOELECTRIC EARTHING METER system incorporates a smart, easy-to-use device with which the operator takes measurements in the field, at previously determined points according to the terrain and is guided by the system’s app. The obtained information is sent via the internet to our calculation centre for analysis and report preparation by our team of experts.

The four phases of the geoelectrical study service of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. are:

  1. Pre-survey. The number and position of measurement points are determined according to the dimensions of the terrain.
  2. Measurement. The data about the ground is collected and the measurements for each point are sent by GSM. The GEOELECTRIC EARTHING METER system incorporates a compact device for geoelectrical studies, which allows remote sending of measurement data to be processed by Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Analysis. The data is processed, represented and interpreted in our calculation and design centre using heuristic algorithms.
  4. Results. Optimisation and final report.

Why is a geoelectrical study necessary for an earthing project?

Just as geotechnical studies study the ground to calculate foundations and settlements, geoelectrical studies analyse the distribution of resistivities in the subsoil to determine its electrical characteristics.

The geoelectric characterisation of the subsoil by measuring the surface resistivity of the ground makes it possible to determine the optimum / optimal configuration of the earthing system to be designed, being able to determine the layout, depth, number and type of elements necessary according to the initial requirements of the project, which can be regulatory, safety or functional.

This optimisation results in cost and time savings in the execution and commissioning of the system, as well as greater efficiency, operability and useful life of the installation.

In addition, resistivity is related to the corrosion rate of the soil, which determines the most suitable materials in each case. Generally, low resistivity sites tend to increase corrosion.

The resistivity of the soil determines the design parameters of the earthing system to obtain the desired resistance value and the highest safety. In this way, it is possible to determine the optimum depth of burial, the corrosion rate in the ground, the appropriate materials for the installation of the earthing system, the number of electrodes required and the most suitable arrangement.

In conclusion, by knowing the characteristics of the ground, it is possible to design an earthing system that is quicker to install, safer for the people during the installation, with controlled touch and step voltages over the entire surface, with optimised service life and, above all, more efficient and lower costs.

Optimised electrical installation from the beginning: Earthing system service 4.0

The earthing system is a fundamental part of electrical or industrial installations and its correct design and execution avoid undesired consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt all possible measures to support the efficiency, safety and reliability of the earthing system, and this means starting with a good project.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. offers a professional service for earthing systems 4.0 projects, providing engineering and architecture firms with a technical expert team and the most advanced computer tools.

In addition to the prior geoelectrical study, the earthing systems 4.0 projects include:

  • Designs based on international standards and projected with advanced software to determine the best solution objectively.
  • Use of anti-theft conductors and specific electrodes according to the particularities of the ground: corrosion-resistant electrodes for aggressive soils, special electrodes and/or perimeter conductor rings for highly resistive soils, etc.
  • Durable connections between conductors using Apliweld® Secure + exothermic welding, which keeps them in excellent condition throughout the lifetime of the installation.
  • Advanced and continuous monitoring system for the condition of the earthing system using the Smart Earthing Monitoring System.

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