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Wind energy: earthing system most common problems

The wind industry is one of the most cost-competitive renewable energies globally. In an increasingly interconnected world, the sector must continue to innovate, for example through digital transformation. Smart technologies collaborate in solving the problems that, due to their characteristics and locations, wind farms face with respect to grounding systems. For this reason, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. offers professional services for geoelectric studies and grounding 4.0 projects. Furthermore, Smart Earthing Monitoring System allows centralised and unattended monitoring of the wind turbine earthing systems and the wind farm substation.


Operational and financial efficiency in the solar energy sector: how to extend the lifespan of solar farms with intelligent technology

Every significant investment has its share of risk. And solar energy, the leader among renewables, is no exception. A solar farm’s design, implementation and maintenance pose operational and financial challenges that start from the first phase and extend throughout its useful life. On the one hand, if a good project is not carried out before construction, the operation of the energy installation can be compromised. On the other hand, if assets are not protected against any eventuality, such as a thunderstorm, the cost of repairs can drive up costs and slow the return on investment.


WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER: How information about lightning current can streamline claims management in the wind energy sector.

Not all atmospheric discharges are the same. Each lightning strike has unique characteristics, and knowing them is crucial in determining whether critical repairs are needed to be made for the structure it has hit. The smart lightning counter technology of the WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER, designed specifically for the wind energy sector, characterizes the lightning at the time of the discharge and sends that information via IoT. This simplifies disaster management and determines urgent repairs.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas joins the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems to participate in the development of standards for lightning protection

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has joined the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) to participate in the maintenance of the standard UNE-EN IEC 61400-24:2011 – Wind turbines. Part 24: Protection against lightning strikes.