Advantages of the exothermic welding Apliweld Secure+

Advantages of the exothermic welding Apliweld Secure+

The introduction of the tablet format in the Apliweld Secure+ system developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas implies innovation which has brought significant advantages for the implementation of exothermic welding in any earthing system.

Traditionally, aluminothermic welding has been carried out using different compound powder weights. Each one of them comes in different cartridges which account for numerous product references depending on the type of union required. Due to its characteristics, the powder format has some disadvantages which are solved with the tablet format.

Compound powder weights are no longer necessary

The compound in tablet format Apliweld® Secure+ makes possible every kind of union between conductors using exothermic welding with only two references.

One reference, the most usual one, covers 8 traditional references between 32 and 250 grams of compound powder, whereas the second reference, a larger tablet, is only used if the union is made between conductors of section over 150mm².

Apliweld contributes to reduce waste

The fact that the Apliweld® compound does not come in a plastic container ensures a safer product for the environment. The tablet compound does not require individual packaging so they do not generate any extra waste.

Storage improvements

The main advantage of the compound in tablet format for storage is that you only need one reference (two at most) to carry out any kind of welding. This means the storage is simplified and the stock variability is reduced.

The exothermic welding Apliweld® Secure+ is sold in cardboard boxes. Each one of them includes 20 tablets.

Tablet charges do not absorb moisture and are not flammable so they do not require special physical or environmental protection for their storage.

Advantages of Apliweld Secure+ for safety

An aspect of great interest to develop improvements in the exothermic welding field is the safety and occupational risk prevention.

remote electronic ignition system

Why is Apliweld Secure+ the safest exothermic welding system?

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has replaced the flammable ignition powder and flint gun by the non-flammable ignition caps and a remote electronic ignition unit.

The remote electronic ignition system allows the operator to start the welding remotely with the help of a remote control. The remote ignition with Bluetooth maximizes work safety when carrying out exothermic welding.

The “NTP 1028: Safety in aluminothermic copper weldingis a technical note for prevention of the Spanish National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which recommends the remote ignition and the use of non-flammable materials to work safely and eliminate the most important occupational risks.

For this reason, Apliweld Secure+ has become a benchmark in safety for any installation which requires exothermic welding, having to comply with the aforementioned document.

Advantages of the implementation of the tablet format

Exothermic welding works are often carried out outdoors.

The handling of tablets and starters is much easier than the handling of powder due to their compact design. For example, the possibility of losing material because of spillage of powder is eliminated. Moreover, work in windy days is just as simple as in days with good weather.

In the mould the number of tablets to be used is indicated according to the type of union to be made.

The tablets have a central notch which makes them easier to be split up manually without effort.

tablets welding

Apliweld® Secure+: All the advantages for welding works.

Apliweld® Secure+ is an innovative exothermic welding system consisting of compound tablet format, an electronic starter and remote control ignition.

The electronic ignition device is very light and has autonomy to operate during long working days. Thanks to its design, it is extremely resistant and easy to carry.

Apliweld® Secure+ Selector is a simple but effective application which can quickly help you to plan a project for an earthing system. The application provides the data with the adequate references and the appropriate quantities for each one of them to carry out any work or project with exothermic welding.

Apliweld® Secure+ is positioned in the market as the exothermic welding with more advantages for workers. In addition, it allows more accurate and efficient results in ground connections.

The tablet format along with other innovations such as the remote ignition by Bluetooth, make Apliweld Secure+ the most efficient welding in the market to make unions between conductors in earthing systems.

The welding unions obtained by Apliweld® improve the electrical properties of conductors, keeping the installation connected throughout the lifetime of the buildings.

If you would like to know more about the exothermic welding in tablet format, we are happy to invite you to the training sessions of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. The Apliweld® Secure+ courses are aimed at professionals in the electric sector, architects, engineers and installers.

If you are not able to attend our courses but would like to know more about how Apliweld® works, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be able to offer you personalized advice.

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