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Advanced Course on Lightning Protection receives CPD certificate in UK

The Online Course on Lightning Protection Projects of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides the fundamentals, method and case studies to enable professionals involved in this sector to professionally design Lightning Protection Systems based on the main international standards. Since 2022, the course is certified as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in the UK.

The 5 most frequently asked questions about earthing

Earthing is a fundamental step in any electrical system installation. Its proper installation also depends on the proper functioning and safety of equipment and people, as it protects against potential differences that can be dangerous in both cases. Why it is so vital, how to set up a project correctly and what regulations must be followed to install the earthing system of a lightning conductor are some of the main questions answered by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

Complete design guide to a comprehensive lightning protection system

Lightning is one of nature’s most destructive events, so it is essential to protect people, the environment and infrastructures from its effects, as well as guaranteeing the continuity of services and safeguarding material and cultural assets. The purpose of a lightning protection system is to capture lightning, conduct its current safely to earth, dissipate in the ground and protect against the secondary effects of lightning.