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New electronic ignition kit Apliweld® Secure +: more compact and versatile

In an optimal earthing system, the bonding between conductors must be maintained in perfect condition throughout the lifetime of the installation. Within the bonding methods, exothermic welding (also called aluminothermic welding) achieves permanent connections with high conductivity. Apliweld® Secure +, a system developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. now features a remote electronic ignition system with a more compact and lighter design, with new and more versatile charging methods.

Aluminothermic copper welding (also called exothermic welding) is the process by which two or more conductors are joined together in a durable manner. It is mainly used in grounding systems because of its reliability, strength and a number of advantages over other types of joints.

Apliweld® Secure + system, developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has two advantages: the tablet format, which saves on economic and storage costs, and safety, thanks to its remote electronic ignition kit, which now comes in a new, more compact format.

The new AT-200N electronic ignition kit is lighter, weighing only one kilogram and features a new portable charging system via USB to USB-C cable, making it more versatile. In this way, the kit can be recharged by any device with a USB input, such as a laptop or vehicle. This avoids delays due to the lack of power sources in construction environments (generators, etc.) without the need to postpone welding work.

The device can carry out more than 100 welds without recharging, and its service life, with a minimum of care, can be extended to up to five years. The ignition control is simplified in the AT-200N kit as it is reduced in size and can be conveniently carried on a key ring.

Aluminothermic welding Apliweld® Secure+: Efficiency and safety

The Apliweld® Secure+ system developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. focuses on the efficiency and durability of the joints and on the safety of the worker who makes them.

Exothermic welding allows connections to be made with better conductivity and greater efficiency than that achieved with mechanical joints, which are less resistant to the passage of time and prone to wear and tear due to corrosion.

Aluminothermic welding is used to achieve molecular bonding between copper, stainless steel, galvanised, bronze, and other conductors. The basis of the process is an exothermic chemical reaction in which the aluminium reduces the copper oxide producing the copper which fully or partially melts the conductors to be welded providing a connection superior to any mechanical joint, both with respect to mechanical and electrical properties.

The Apliweld® Secure+ system consists of a tablet charge, electronic initiator and remote ignition. Tablet fillers replace traditional powder fillers of different weights, simplifying the welding process by avoiding material loss due to powder spillage and facilitating storage.

More features: Apliweld® Selector

In the search for efficiency when installing earthing systems, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has its own software for calculating exothermic welding earthing grid projects.

By entering a series of parameters (connections, conductors and quantity) it calculates how many moulds, tablets, ignition material and accessories are required for a given installation or project. The programme returns the references and quantities required so that the final material to be acquired can be known.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas also has a reference selector on its website to find out moulds, loads and accessories according to the type of joint.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of Apliweld® Secure+ welding in terms of efficiency and safety, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at the following link.

We also offer free online training on aluminothermic welding, which you can register for free from our webinar page.

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