Aplicaciones Tecnológicas and the University of São Paulo together for lightning protection

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, we have developed projects with Brazilian specialists from the USP (University of São Paulo) IEE (Institute of Energy and Environment) in the field of lightning protection and storm detection.

In Brazil, an average of 77.8 million lightning strikes are recorded per year, which makes it a key environment to develop studies on this subject.

In this context, on December 13th, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas organized a workshop about "Electrical Storm Alert Systems" in the city of São Paulo with the collaboration of the USP IEE.

In addition to the specialists in lightning protection and storm detection of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, the seminar also counted on the lectures from Brazilian professors and researchers such as Alexandre Piantini; Hélio Sueta, researcher at the USP IEE and secretary of the Study Commission CE 64.10 COBEI / ABNT; Jobson Modena, Coordinator of the Study Commission CE 64.10 COBEI / ABNT and Paulo Costa, ex-professor UFMG.

In the event we were able to share the latest results and studies developed in the field of storm detection, as well as the newest systems. In addition we were able to review the most important aspects of the new standard NBR 5419: 2015, referring to the preventive lightning protection.

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