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Services: solutions for earthing and lightning protection systems as a high-added value proposition

Servitisation is the act of transforming products into services to provide added value to users. At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we have also started this process with our products Smart Earthing (earthing systems) and Smart Lightning (lightning storm safety) to provide maximum support within the growing technological complexity. This allows us to adapt to the evolution in these areas according to our customers’ needs.

How lightning is formed: what science says

Lightning is an atmospheric electrostatic discharge caused by the accumulation of electric charge in clouds. These discharges occur when the dielectric breakdown of the air occurs when a particular electric field value is exceeded. Consequently, an ionised channel is generated in a plasma state that facilitates charge transfer between two points. Scientific knowledge of how lightning is formed should be used to optimise lightning protection.


What are touch and step voltages caused by lightning strikes? How to protect people

Step and touch voltages derive from the dispersion of the lightning current, conducted to earth by the lightning protection system. The UNE 21186:2011 standard establishes a series of protection measures to avoid harm to people. At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we are experts in protection against electrical storms, offering advanced Smart Lightning services and products that ensure the protection of people, equipment and goods.