Aplicaciones Tecnológicas experts participate in the revision of lightning protection international standards

From 5th to 8th May, the working groups reviewing IEC62305 lightning protection standards met in Milano (Italy)

The most extended lightning protection standard, IEC 62305, consists of four parts and it was first published in 2006, although much of its content was already contained in previous standards (IEC 61024, IEC 61312, IEC 61662 and so on). It deals with lightning protection of structures, comprising from risk assessment to protective measures against direct and indirect effects of lightning, using Franklin rods, conductors, equipotential bonding and surge protectors.

Since the first publication, a maintenance team was created in order to refine, improve and update these standards. A second edition was published in 2012 and the work is still going on. Experts from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. have participated in these working groups and maintenance teams from their inception, providing our experience and at the same time getting to know the latest news in the field of lightning protection and adapting our products and services to regulation changes.