ATSTORMv2 watches over one of the most emblematic buildings of recent construction: Singapore Marina Bay Sands

On a deck of huge dimensions, open and public, 200 meters high and in an area with a high lightning density, detecting storms with the maximum reliability is essential

Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore is one of the most spectacular and popular of recent architecture: 3 towers of over 50 floors, holding above them an impressive structure 340 m long and with a surface larger than one hectare. On this deck, open air, stays the highest elevated pool in the world, plus clubs, restaurants and gardens. Only the pool can accommodate nearly 4000 people.

With these features, storm detection is essential. Even though the external lightning protection is correct, it is extremely dangerous to stay on the roof and even more in the pool during a thunderstorm. It is also important to minimize false alarms, since the building is an entertainment complex where the rooftop is one of its main attractions.

All these circumstances have led the company in charge of this building to install ATSTORMv2 storm detector since it is fully electronic, without mobile parts that may get blocked or deteriorated. It detects thunderstorms even before the first discharges occur, which could strike the building due to its great height. Besides, ATSTORMv2 is designed for analyzing electrostatic field measures in order to minimize false alarms, being therefore ideal to indicate when the rooftop should be evacuated for the users safety.

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