Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new ATLAN protector for PoE++ lines or Type 4

The ATLAN series surge protectors are especially designed to prevent data transfer failures between different pieces of equipment within a network. They protect the electronic circuit inputs of network cards against damage caused by surges.

The power supply via Ethernet, called PoE (Power Over Ethernet), uses data lines to power the equipment as well. It is used in systems such as IP phones, access points, IP cameras, routers, etc. The latest generation PoE++ lines can transmit currents of up to 1 amp.

Poe systems are designed so as not to reduce the transmission of data from the network itself. The IEEE 802.3af standard and its IEEE 802.3at update define everything necessary to be able to use this technology, such as voltage, current, type of connection to be made, cables, etc. The current varies according to the type of PoE used and should not exceeded 60V voltage in any case. The main parameters of the different PoE lines are follow:

new ATLAN protector for PoE++ lines or Type 4

The new ATLAN PoE++ 1000 BASE-T CAT 6 (Ref. AT-2220) protection device from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas can be used to protect data lines with PoE supply for any of the types described in the table. The connection is RJ45 and even supports Category 6 cables, which goes beyond what is required by the standards.

What are the characteristics of the new ATLAN?

The new device maintains the advantages of the previous ATLAN, increasing the maximum operating current: it reaches up to 1A per protected pair, thus valid for PoE++ lines. The four pairs are protected so that they can be used interchangeably as communication or supply pairs.

It supports CAT6 cable as it fulfills the tests for this type of cabling, exceeding the standard. In addition, as in the other single ATLAN device, its metal housing screens noise and interference.

How is the protector for PoE++ lines or Type 4 installed?

This protector is designed to be placed close to the equipment to be protected by the use of guides and screws. The ATLAN device protects 4 pairs in series (8 wires). The installation procedure is very simple: just insert the protector between the network cable with RJ45 connector and the equipment to protect and connect the ground protector by means of the faston connector included in the protector. The new ATLAN is supplied with 50cm RJ45 CAT6 cable to facilitate its serial installation.

In cases where we want to protect two pieces of equipment located in separate buildings and communicated with each other, protection shall be provided on both sides of the line.

If it is required to be placed in a DIN rail, this can be made using the accessory AT-2232 from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A.

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