Transient overvoltages: how to protect LED lighting

The use of LED lighting has become an increasingly popular option for public and private urban lighting, due to its numerous advantages over traditional lighting. In some countries, it is even mandatory according to legislation. Long-term energy savings are behind this trend, but given its initial cost, it is imperative for LED lighting to be protected against transient overvoltages to ensure its correct operation.


Lightning protection in residential photovoltaic systems

Self-consumption of electricity by means of solar panels is arousing great interest among consumers both because of the savings in energy consumption, as they are less dependent on the external electricity grid, and because of the reduction in environmental impact. The high cost of installing solar panels in private homes, given that they take several years to pay for themselves, makes it essential that they are protected against the destructive effects of a lightning strike.


The 5 most frequently asked questions about surge protection

With the increasing reliance on interconnected equipment in the domestic and business sectors, adequate surge protection is essential for the maintenance of any business. The replacement of any damaged element or its rapid degradation entails large financial outlays that are sometimes difficult to bear. Overheating, on the other hand, increases the likelihood of fire and, consequently, personal injury.