Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects chemical waste Factory in Portugal

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects chemical waste Factory in Portugal

Resiquímica, a chemical waste Factory located in Sintra, Portugal, has renewed all its lightning protection system and has chosen the protection offered by DAT Controler® PLUS + AT-Remote Tester air terminal.

Resiquímica has been a customer of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas for several years and they have already had four DAT Controler® PLUS lightning rods installed on their building. In September this year, they updated their lightning protection system, now being able to verify the status of their air terminals without having to physically reach the lightning rods, thanks to the AT-Remote Tester device.

DAT Controler® PLUS with AT-Remote Tester is an Early Streamer Emission lightning rod that, thanks to the Remote system, allows for a continuous verification of the air terminal through a specific analysis device. The display of the obtained data is managed through a specific website. This system works with a small solar panel installed on the lightning rod, guaranteeing its durability without depending on rechargeable batteries that often need to be replaced.

The 87,000 m2 factory, which produces synthetic resins, is now protected against lightning strikes, guaranteeing the viability of its production and the protection of goods and people.