Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects oil storage tanks in Guatemala with its lightning rods

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has protected a company of storage tanks for palm oil with the lightning rod DAT Controler® PLUS 45. This facility is located in the Free Zone of Industry and Commerce of Puerto Barrios, in Guatemala.

Industries are increasingly dependent on electronic equipment that is very sensitive to lightning, which can cause sparks and fires. To preserve the safety of this equipment and the people who handle it, installing a lightning rod with the latest technology to protect the installation is necessary.

The DAT Controler® PLUS 45 air terminal has the best operational guarantees and has passed all the tests required by national and international regulations. In this case, it is accompanied by an ATLOGGER lightning event counter, which also records all the electrical activity of the down conductor: lightning impacts, amplitude and polarity of the strike, as well as date and time of the impact. The ATLOGGER lightning event counter also allows automatic data downloading to a USB device for reading.

As in any installation of a lightning protection system, earthing is an essential element to disperse the lightning current. For the protection of the oil storage tanks, a spark gap from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has been chosen for the earthing system, which is the most appropriate means of joining the different earth connections. In normal conditions, this protector keeps the earth connections isolated, thus avoiding corrosion problems.

Should you need more information, please download the DAT Controler® PLUS ESE lightning rod datasheet