APLIWELD® Selector: the software that facilitates the selection and specification of exothermic welding material

APLIWELD® Selector is a tool, aimed at all professionals who need to perform exothermic welding, designed to facilitate the specification and preparation of the material in any project with aluminothermic welding. Thanks to the APLIWELD® Selector software, the user obtains product references and quantities of each material for all the connections required in a project, quickly and efficiently.

How do you use the APLIWELD® Selector software and calculate its exothermic welding?

The tool is based on a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, where the user must enter the following data:

  • The conductor type/s
  • The type of connection (cross, T, linear …)
  • Conductor dimensions, metric or AWG
  • Number of connections for each type

After completing the required information, APLIWELD® Selector will provide the user with a list of material with the elements necessary to make the exothermic welding.

Advantages of APLIWELD® Secure + exothermic welding

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you a new exothermic welding format, based on the use of compact tablets, called APLIWELD® Secure +. This format allows all types of exothermic welded joints to be made with the same tablets. The compact tablets provide great savings in storage costs since it is not necessary to accumulate multiple references of weld compound in various sizes depending on the type of joint.

In addition, the APLIWELD® Secure + tablets ensure an ignition rate higher than 99% and due to their compact format material losses are avoided. These are very easy to use, are non-flammable and do not absorb moisture, so they do not require special physical or environmental protection when stored or transported.

Increased safety with Bluetooth remote start

The innovative remote electronic ignition, activated by Bluetooth, allows the user to weld remotely, providing greater safety against occupational hazards and avoiding accidents caused by projection of materials at high temperatures.

In addition, the materials used in electronic ignition are non-flammable and the reaction that occurs is very moderate, reducing wear on the moulds due to less thermal shock.

Where to download the APLIWELD® Selector

There are two ways to obtain your copy of the APLIWELD® Selector software: online via the Aplicaciones Tecnológicas website, in the products section for APLIWELD® Secure + exothermic welding.

On the other hand, the APLIWELD® Selector tool can be accessed through the new Portal for Specifiers of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. This Portal offers a space dedicated to engineers, architects, and other professionals, with access to courses, webinars, software tools and resources to design and budget comprehensive projects for lightning, surge, earthing and exothermic welding.

In addition, the Portal will grant access to the latest calculation and design programs, technical sheets, certificates, AutoCAD / BIM details, measurements, etc., which will facilitate project design and specification, as well as access to free online training and webinars on all product ranges and specific market sectors.

For further information, or to download the APLIWELD® Selector software, please click on this link.