ATCONTROL/LP P -B PLUS: protection against permanent over- and undervoltage for Two-Phase power lines

Protects equipment against disturbances in Two-Phase power lines and is provided with a dry-contact output for connecting contactors or alarms

Permanent over- and undervoltages are caused by sudden drops of power consumption or disconnections of the neutral. They last several cycles and may produce significant damages to the installation and to the electrical and electronic equipment.

This new protector is designed for power supply lines widely extended all over America: two-phase lines with 120V between phase and neutral and 230V between phases.  ATCONTROL/LP P(T)-B PLUS disconnects power supply when a permanent overvoltage or undervoltage is detected, thus safeguarding the equipment. It is provided with a dry-contact output that may be connected to a contactor or any other load (alarm, beacon, remote control,…) for alerting about the disconnection of the line.