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ATSTORM®, advanced lightning risk management (ebook)

The local storm detection allows for the prevention of accidents derived from lightning strikes. Electrical storms can cause death and injury to people and severe damage to properties, infrastructures, industries, communication systems and cultural heritage. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas presents an ebook with the main advantages of the ATSTORM® system, the only one that combines electromagnetic and local electrostatic field detection, as well as other advantages such as its IoT connectivity.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can occur with a high frequency at any time of the year and is subject to statistical uncertainty: it is not possible to determine where and when an isolated lightning strike will occur.

ATSTORM® provides information on thunderstorms that are forming or approaching the site to be protected. The system allows us to detect a possible risk with the maximum anticipation and therefore to deploy temporary preventive actions capable of preventing or minimizing any possible damages.

The six chapters of this eBook contain information about lightning strike accident prevention: what works in storm detection, how IoT connectivity enables data processing and reliable warnings, how implementing permanent protection together with preventive measures helps to save lives or how to accurately measure Discharge Risk Conditions, among other topics.

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