New IGA TEST series: protectors against permanent overvoltages with integrated MCB

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new version of surge protection devices certified according to EN 50550.

According to the specifications described in the European standard EN 50550 – Power frequency Overvoltage Protection, our new surge protection devices, IGA TEST series, have been certified by ÍTACA, official and independent Laboratory of Electrical Safety.

As a summary of the EN 50550 standard specifications, overvoltage protectors may actuate on circuit breakers or on residual current devices. It is essential that they act with a delay in order to avoid incorrect triggering. The standard fixes a minimum non-actuating time of 3s for 275V and a maximum break time of 0,2s for 400V.

IGA TEST protectors actuate when detecting a temporary overvoltage, for example a failure on the neutral, cutting off the power supply and thus protecting the equipments installed downstream. Besides, IGA TEST protectors against permanent overvoltages can be installed in combination with ATSUB-D, which protect against transient overvoltages.

The MCB integrated is available in the most usual nominal discharge currents: 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63A.

Download the IGA TEST – Protectors against permanent overvoltage product sheet.