Occupational Health and Safety Specialists recommend electronic ignition for exothermic welding

A "Technical Note of Prevention" recently published in Spain assets that electronic start-up provides significant security enhancements

Since 1982 the Spanish National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health publishes "Technical Notes of Prevention" which, though not mandatory, are intended to be a reference manual for the practical application of workplace safety and health regulations. There is today no normative for exothermic welding practices, so this Technical Note is at least a basic guide for avoiding accidents during this type of works. 

The Technical Note describes the materials and ignition methods. It lists the risk factors and indicates how to proceed safely with each step of the welding process. The Note advises to start the reaction using an electronic igniter, since it allows the operator to carry out the welding at a distance, thus staying far from sparks an occasional hot material spillage produced by the reaction.

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