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SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER - Smart lightning counter with real-time strike recording to improve safety of LPS

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER – Smart lightning counter with real-time strike recording to improve safety in LPS

A lightning strike counter is a tool used in Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) to collect information about the discharges suffered by an installation and their characteristics, to improve the safety of the LPS and know if urgent repairs need to be carried out. Through the introduction of IoT technology, the SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER allows receiving alerts and knowing this information in real-time and in several locations through a multi-platform application.

Information on the characteristics of a lightning strike is used to improve protection systems and determine appropriate repairs. However, traditional lightning strike counters collect this information locally and require an on-site inspection to retrieve this information, a situation that becomes more complex if this data must be accessed at multiple locations.

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER, developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., solves this limitation by implementing intelligent IoT technology. This way, when an event occurs, the data is collected and sent through a secure server. The user receives an alert when an event occurs and has all the characterisation of the impact available to know if repairs must be carried out urgently, without waiting for the next on-site inspection. With this information, the correct functioning of the LPS is ensured at all times.

Identification and characterisation of each lightning strike: information to anticipate repairs in case of an incident

Each lightning strike received by a lightning rod and its effect on LPSs, from interception to grounding of the current, is different. It is therefore essential to know the details of each discharge in order to anticipate inspections and make critical repairs to ensure that it will continue to operate efficiently.

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER continuously monitors the electric activity in the down conductor of the LPS on which it is installed. When a download occurs, the device collects the following information:

  • Amplitude
  • Polarity
  • Duration
  • Load
  • Specific energy
  • Date and time

All this data is sent to the AT-CLOUD cloud, where expert algorithms process it to provide real-time alerts via the CONNECT platform. This allows the urgency to be determined and an early repair to be scheduled in case of an incident

Always connected: Multi-channel alerts in real-time and from multiple locations

The data collected by the products and services of the SMART EARTHING and SMART LIGHTNING ranges are accessible to the user through CONNECT, a multi-channel management platform (private web portal, mobile devices, integration with SCADA, e-mail, audible alarms). Through CONNECT, the user can configure and operate the equipment status, access a historical record of the events and export this data as a report, available in various formats.

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER remotely sends information on its status and on the events recorded thanks to a redundant and secured system with 24/7 service guaranteed at any time by the redundancy of the servers in three different locations. In addition, to ensure data security, SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER also stores locally the record of the measures taken.

Always in operation: A robust and compact lightning strike counter

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER is tested according to UNE-EN IEC 62561-6:2018. “Requirements for lightning impact strike counters” and with overcurrent and overvoltage limiters that ensure its operability after registering a lightning strike.

The equipment consists of a single module including a sensor, electronics, IoT communications system and autonomous power supply without fibre optics or auxiliary nodes. It is powered by a combination of a lithium battery and a solar panel to ensure operation in all conditions. In addition, it can be recharged via USB.

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