Support on the needed compound amounts for the Apliweld® exothermic welding.

Find easily the recommended accessories and compound amounts for each exothermic welding.

Exothermic welding is now much easier thanks to our search engine for types of weldings, together with the advice for compound amounts and accessories for each case.

If you wish to make a welding with a specific mould, you can use our search engine and choose among the different options of conductors, dimensions and joint types. With just some clicks you will obtain all the recommended products for your welding: mould, compound amount and accessories.

Apliweld® makes all usual joints not only between copper cables but also for tape conductors, copper coated steel earth rods and brass or steel pieces. Apliweld® offers a permanent welding and a low resistance connection, especially important for achieving a long-lasting and trustable result for any earthing.