New ATSUB 100: One-pole overvoltage protection for power supply lines

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a protective device especially recommended for mains electric switch boards of homes and businesses.  

ATSUB series surge protection for power supply lines have added a new protective devices, ATSUB 100, Type 1 and 2 protectors according to IEC EN 61643-11 standard.

The characteristics of ATSUB 100 are suitable against overvoltages in domestic premises:

  • Containing Zinc Oxide Varistors, able to withstand very high currents.
  • Short response time.
  • No external flash.
  • Their activation causes no interruption in power supply.
  • One-pole protector.
  • Small size, modular protection.
  • Thermodynamic control device and light alarm.

ATSUB 100 SPDs have been tested in official, independent laboratories, obtaining their characteristics according to relevant standards.

Download the complete ATSUB 100 product sheet to learn more.