Susana Polo, IEC ‘1906 Award’ - Aplicaciones Tecnológicas

Susana Polo receives the IEC ‘1906 Award’ for her contributions to the Lightning Protection standardization committee.

Susana Polo Martí, responsible of standardization and member of the Aplicaciones Tecnológicas´ Lightning Protection Technical Department, received the IEC award that the International Electrotechnical Commission gives annually to the most outstanding members of each committee.

Susana Polo has been distinguished due to her contributions to the technic IEC 81 committee, the same responsible for drafting and monitoring lightning protection standards, nominated by the responsible from each group. Apart from the assistance to the plenary sessions as delegate of the National Spanish Committee, Susana Polo has also participated as an expert in several working groups and maintenance of regulations related to various aspects of the lightning protection, including installation of the systems, risk calculations and requirements of all the components or storm detection requisites de los components o detection of storms.

suThe 1906 Awards is named after the year the committee was founded; it is given yearly. Since its creation of the award in 2004, 17 Spanish experts from different standardization groups have been given.

What is IEC?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the international organism in charge of the Standardization in the electric, electronic and related technologies.

In order for the operation to work and stablish standards, we divide in Technical Committees (TC), Subcommittees (SC), consultive committees (AC) and special committees. The Technical Committee TC81 is the working group in charge of stablishing the standardisation norms. Susana Polo has been part of the committee for more than 25 years.