The Automatic Hydrological Information System of the Duero river uses storm detectors ATSTORM®v2

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has installed ATSTORM®v2 storm detectors within a modern tracking system that allows real-time information on hydrological and meteorological variables.

The Automatic Hydrological Information of the Duero is a control tool for the entire watershed with 283 control points including gauging stations on rivers and canals, reservoirs sensors, rain gauges, and storm detectors ATSTORM®v2.

The sensors collect hydrological and meteorological variables and are sent by satellite to the Control Centre of the basin. There are host, processed and spread to facilitate decisions making in the management of water resources and the safety of persons and property.

Moreover, the data processed in the control center are sent to the 15 information panels installed in cities and large towns in order to inform about the flow of the river and the state of the reservoirs and, if necessary, to notify the existence of any alerts or other interesting information, as a thunderstorm for example.

ATSTORM®v2 Storm Detector is a Class I device according to EN 50536 (Protection against lightning-warning systems of thunderstorms) that informs about all phases of a storm, allowing ample time to facilitate decision making and implementation of security protocols and preventive presets.