The first edition of the Spanish Standard for Early Streamer Emission Lightning air terminals (UNE 21186:1996) is now withdrawn

The second edition of this standard contains new requirements that have to be accomplished by products and installations

UNE21186 is the Spanish Standard for lightning protection using Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminals. Its first edition dates from 1996. In November 2011, a second edition of this standard was published, where some parts were modified in order to update existing knowledge and to avoid contradictions with the standards for conventional lightning protection, which had been then reviewed.

This modifications apply, on one hand, to the air terminals: tests become more exigent since the air terminal should not only prove its advance time but also that it is valid for severe environmental conditions and after withstanding lightning strikes. The air terminal, besides, should be verifiable during maintenance cycles of the lightning protection installation. In addition, the risk assessment also changes, now considering several issues such as the protection of the lines against overvoltages. Each air terminal should now be provided with at least two paths to the earthing and there are also new directives for protecting buildings higher than 60m, which were out of the scope of the first edition.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A applies the new standard to all our projects and products already since it was published, going even beyond the requirements of the standard in the tests to our air terminals to ensure a good performance.

Download here our software for risk assessment and lightning protection design according to UNE21186:2011